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SNM Magazine

  • Start of project

    1. Research / case studies (individual work) Once you are organized into a group, you will need to decide on a genre of music to work with for your magazine project. Carry out research into magazines of this genre. The purpose of this task is to help you understand about the layout, content and generic conventions of magazines. Analyse the front cover, contents page and a double page spread(DPS) feature of two magazines, under the following headings: • Image(s): shot type, framing, mise-en-sce
  • Period: to

    SNM magazine

  • Hand in Case study

    Hand in both case studies
  • Perliminary Task

    Perliminary Task
    1. Preliminary Task: LSC magazine (individual work) In this task you will produce pages from a college magazine using PhotoShop and InDesign. You need to create a front page and a contents page, and include original photography. Include the following: • Front cover: a medium close-up (MCU) of a student, text such as teasers and coverlines, a masthead, date, issue number, bar code, price / free. (PhotoShop) • Contents page: sections, images, number of pages, editor’s letter (InDesign)
  • Photoshoot

    Have Photoshoot done by this date.
  • Finish Perliminary Task

    Finish Perliminary Task
    Finsh all the work due in for the perliminary task.
  • Evaluation of College Magazine

    1. Audience research- preliminary task / college magazine (individual work) Gather audience comments and feedback on your college magazine. This may be done in class, as a focus group, or online via your website / Twitter feeds. Use the feedback to write an evaluation of your production skills to date.
  • Finish College magazine evaluation

    Finish the evaluation of the College magazine
  • House Style

    House Style
    1. Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts (group / individual) • As a group: produce a house style for your music magazine. This should include a masthead design and layout for the front cover. Decide on an audience for the magazine.
  • Finish house style

    Finish house style
    Finish creating a house style and mast head
  • Website

    1. Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine (individual work) The front cover, contents page and DPS needs to be complete and uploaded to your website by 25th November 2011. You should use PhotoShop for the front cover and InDesign for the contents page and DPS.
  • Audience research

    1. Audience research- main task / music magazine (individual work) Gather audience comments and feedback on your music magazine. This may be done in class, as a focus group, or online via your website / Twitter feeds. Consider the following: • Who are the audience? Are they the group that you initially targeted? • Which elements of the magazine does the audience like? • What could be improved? • Looking at feedback you received from the college magazine, how do you feel your technical skills
  • Finish audince reseach

  • Scripting and evaluation

    1. Planning and scripting the Evaluation (group work) Write a voice-over script for your Evaluation. This needs to address the following questions: • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? • How does your media product represent particular social groups? • What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? • Who would be the audience for your media product?
  • Finish everything

    Finish all work by this date