6th photo

SNM Magazine

  • Start of project

  • Period: to

    SNM magazine

  • Hand in Case study

    Hand in both case studies
  • Perliminary Task

    Perliminary Task
  • Photoshoot

    Have Photoshoot done by this date.
  • Finish Perliminary Task

    Finish Perliminary Task
    Finsh all the work due in for the perliminary task.
  • Evaluation of College Magazine

  • Finish College magazine evaluation

    Finish the evaluation of the College magazine
  • House Style

    House Style
  • Finish house style

    Finish house style
    Finish creating a house style and mast head
  • Website

  • Audience research

  • Finish audince reseach

  • Scripting and evaluation

  • Finish everything

    Finish all work by this date