Production schedule

  • 7. Audience research task (Planning)

    Evaluate the audience feedback from the pitch from focus groups and / or survey monkey. Make any changes to your plans as per the feedback, and clearly signpost changes on your blog. This needs to be blogged on the week commencing
  • 1. Planning the project: production schedule (Planning)

    Your first task is to produce a production schedule for the Foundation Portfolio, to help you organize your time for the project. Use the dates and tasks on this assignment brief to help you and publish the schedule on your blog so you can refer to it regularly. You can also use a timetoast if that helps. This needs to be complete by Wednesday 24th September at latest.
  • Task 2 research case studies

    a) Textual analysis. The purpose of this task is to help you understand about the layout, content and generic conventions of magazines. Analyse the front cover, contents page and a double page spread (DPS) feature of two magazines taken from your chosen music genre. Use the following structure:
    • Image(s): shot type, framing, mise-en-scene including lighting, costume, props, make-up.

    • Conventions of page layout: use of mastheads, font choices, teasers, cover lines, margins, columns, alignme
  • 3. Preliminary Task: LSC magazine (Planning)

    In this task you will produce pages from a college magazine using PhotoShop and InDesign. You need to create a front page and a contents page, and include original photography. Include the following:
    • Front cover: a medium close-up (MCU) of a student, text such as teasers and coverlines, a masthead, date, issue number, bar code, price / free. (PhotoShop)
    • Contents page: sections, images, number of pages, editor’s letter (InDesign)
  • 4. Audience feedback and evaluation- preliminary task / college magazine (Planning)

    Gather audience comments and feedback on your college magazine. This may be done in class, as a focus group, online via your blog, or on survey monkey or similar. Use the feedback to write an evaluation of your production skills to date, using the following headings:
    • What went well? Photography, image manipulation on PhotoShop, page layout, use of text including masthead and coverlines, journalism, layout on InDesign etc..
    • What do I need to improve on?
    • Write three key points for developm
  • 5. Magazine newsstand task / distribution of magazines (Planning)

    a) Go to a newsstand. This might be a newsagent and / or a supermarket. Have a look at the music magazine titles available, where and how they have been displayed, and anything you notice about the front covers, mastheads, cover lines and images. Take some pictures on phone and upload them. Write up your findings on your blog.
    b) Research other magazine distribution methods, especially those which make use of other media technologies. These might include the ways in which music magazines u
  • 6. Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts (Planning)

    • As a group or individually: Write a short proposal for your magazine. This should include how your own mag links to the case studies you did in Task 2.
    • Produce house style sheets for your music magazine. This should include a masthead design and layout for the front cover, contents page and DPS. Include font, coverlines, teasers, titles, prices, colour scheme, models, locations, costumes and props, content of journalism. A flat plan will help you to decide on items for the coverlines and
  • Photography (Construction)

    On the week commencing 20th October 2014 you will be shown how to use the DSLR camera in the studio to take photographs to use in your music magazine. Take photos and notes, and blog about this. You need to then do your photography in the studio and on location. You need to have a minimum of four original images in the final magazine, using a range of models, mise en scene and shot types as appropriate to your chosen magazine / genre.

    a) For studio work you may use the college DSLR camera
  • 9. Desk top publishing and editing your music magazine (Construction)

  • udience research- main task / music magazine (Planning / Evaluation)

  • 11.Planning the Evaluation (Evaluation)

  • Creating the Evaluation (Evaluation)