Coursework schedule A2

  • Creative ideas and scheduling

    Find Group
    Decide soundtrack
    Carry out research on artists and music videos
  • Research/Case studies

    Gather 3 case studies of existing music and analyse the music video-Genre/style/content/role of performance
    Conceptual,narrative or performance based?Themes?Representation of artist and role? lip synching?post modern & how?
    Camera angles,special effects,mise en scene& editing?
    Target audience?
  • Treatment

    Rough Plan of what you intend to do
    Use research to decide on appropriate content and ways to collect footage.
    Looking over lyrics or continuously listening to tracks.
    How the video will relate to the lyrics.
    Ethical considerations/lengths/audience/channel for broadcast
  • Focus groups/pitch

    Initial productions audience feedback on your idea and treatment.
    Finding a clear target audience.
    Write an evaluation of the audience feedback.
    Make any changes to the treatment and upload new version.
  • Pre-Production

    Draw up a detailed storyboard once feedback has been collected.From this i will be able to create a shot-by-shot guide during filming and from this,be able to visualize the action.Providing a full description of proposed locations,camera size,position and angles,ctions,lighting and timing.
    Producing risk assessments,recess and call sheets and allocating production team roles;director,producer,camera,sound and continually.
    actors/costumes/makeup/props need to be identified.
  • Shooting the video

    3 weeks to collect footage.
    Film the singer lip syncing,in each location,through out the whole song.only from legitimate digital recording.Learn lyrics.
    Keep images simple,special effects if possible.
    Play track whilst filing so lyricsmatch what is seen in the video.
    Pay attention to detail;clear,tidy,continuity,costumes,makeup,hair.
    Check rules & regulations given by teachers & take responsibility for cameras.
    Take stills so add to digipack and advert laters.
  • Research and planning the CD/DVD cover and advert-Case studies

    Find 3 examples of current CD digipacks for existing music promos of similar genres/style to music video.Find 3 accompanying magazine adverts for similar digipaks.
    Shot type/framing/angle/body language/lighting/airbrushing//effects/representation of the artist/band.
    Combination of test and images.Present case studies creatively.
  • Research and planning the CD/DVD cover and advert

    Case studies-Find 3 examples of current CD digipacks for existing music promos of similar genres/style photoshoot.Find three accompanying magazine adverts for similar digipaks.Take notes on use of images/shot type/framing/angle/body language/lighting/airbrushing/effects/representation of the artist/band.Present case studies creatively.
  • Editing

    Attend editing training.
    Book times with technicians and also completely out of class time.
    Remember to edit to beat of music so it will match.Keep to structure of song,.e.g repeat images when lyrics are repeated.This can be effective and makes the video coherent.
    Add rough cut edits to blog regularly.
  • Pitch print ideas

    present mock ups of the advert and the cover,including the use of taglines,coverlines,images and promotional methods.Record and evaluate feedback.
  • Research and planning documents

  • Producing the CD/DVD digipak and advert

    Plan and book and shoot as required.Produce photography call sheets.Upload call sheet with photography
  • Create the two print artefacts

    Use photoshop/InDesign.
    Each group member should produce their own version of a digipack and advert.
  • Post-production feedback

    Screening of finished promo video,receive feedback by focus group/survey.Evaluateb feedback on blog.
  • Evaluation

    Produce a creative evaluation,in which you choose a range of creative technologies to present your answers.
    In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    How effective is the combination of your main product use and ancillary text?
    What have you learned from your audience feedback?
    How did you use media technologies in the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages?
  • Editing the evaluation

    You need to edit the creative evaluation and upload it to your blog,to meet the final advanced portfolio.