Nicolas Wessels Smart Goal Timeline

  • Nicolas Wessels Smart Goal Timeline

  • Get a job

    Get a job
    After football get a job to start my smart goal so I can start saving up for college
  • Period: to

    My job

    Working at my job for this timespan while saving money based off of my goal. Save 100 dollars from each paycheck
  • Admission to Iowa

    Admission to Iowa
    Finish my college applicationa to get accepted to the University of Iowa
  • Kirkwood class

    Kirkwood class
    Start kirkwood class to become certified nurse assistant, which will take about 72 hours
  • Period: to

    CNA Certificate

    It will take me about two weeks to become certified nurse assistant
  • CNA job

    CNA job
    Get a job at a nursing home to work as a nurse assistant to get my volunteer hours in patient care for my future application to a professional program.
  • Period: to

    CNA Job

    Work as many hours as I can and into college, so my college application has hours for patient care in my future job. Also put 100 dollars from paycheck into savings for college things.
  • University of Iowa freshman year

    University of Iowa freshman year
    Start Iowa prequisite classes for the professional program I want to go into
  • Period: to

    Iowa ungraduate degree

    Complete ungraduate studies takes about two years
  • Radiology

    Apply for a professional program in the radiology department at the University of Iowa
  • Earn bachelors degree from Iowa

    Earn bachelors degree and finish my schoolling for my professional degree