My Life

By s23623
  • Period: to


  • Play In and win the Show Me Games tournament in columbia in basketball.

  • Got My first job. It was working at Taco bell.

  • Got third at conference in track for long jump.

  • Period: to

    High School/College

  • Graduate Highschool And Go onto college

  • Graduate College with a 4-Year Degree In business

  • Period: to

    Young adult

  • Starting settling down and try to start a business

  • Open Up My first business.

  • Start a family

  • Open More franchises of my business

  • Period: to


  • Buy a Nice house

  • Start investing in some stock on the side

  • Start Putting money into retirement fund

  • Period: to


  • Retire Happily and hand the business off to my children