My Long Term Health Plan

  • Month #1: June

    I will walk a little bit everyday and keep a food journal. In this first month I will "start small" (13).
  • Period: to

    Long Term Health Plan

    My health plan is to be able to run a mile with ease and eat fewer fattening, sugary foods. This will improve my overall health.
  • Month #2: July

    This month I will jog every other day and continue my food journal. By this point, I think I will feel better and more achieved, which will give me motivation to continue to become more active.
  • Month #3: August

    At this point I will jog every week day, and continue a food journal while avoiding donuts, cookies, and candy.
  • Month #4: September

    I will jog every weekday and keep a food journal. During this month, I did not add anything new. With school having started and additional stress, I thought it best to keep my progress the same to not make my "goal a source or anxiety" (13).
  • Month #5: October

    Now I will jog every weekday, and go swimming at the YMCA on weekends. Food journals will continue, with me eating only one sweet thing every two days.
  • Month #6: November

    Again, this month's goal steps will stay the same. Although sweets should be only occasional, it is okay to indulge sometimes. Goals "must be on your own terms" (12), and with holiday months, it is hard to completely avoid unhealthy food, which are often traditional around Christmas.
  • Month #7: December

    With jogging on weekdays and swimming on weekends, at this point a food journal is not needed. I have disciplined myself enough to only have sugary treats on weekends.