My Future Plans

  • First year at Enrique Finot

    First year at Enrique Finot
    I will succeed in my first year at Enrique Finot
  • Moving time!

    Moving time!
    I am going to move to another room on the second floor of my house
  • Adriana's first Communion

    Adriana's first Communion
    I will be the godmother of her first communion.
  • Family trip

    Family trip
    I am going to have a family trip to Brazil
  • Joining JCI Oriente

    Joining JCI Oriente
    I plan to join the JCI Local Executive Committee
  • Finishing English!

    Finishing English!
    I'm going to graduate from English at CAI
  • Happy family

    Happy family
    I'm going to improve my family relationships
  • UTEPSA graduation!

    UTEPSA graduation!
    I am going to finish another career, International Trade
  • Change habits

    Change habits
    I will change my bad habits and focus on getting a healthier lifestyle.
  • Be independent

    Be independent
    I want to get a job and be more self-supporting.
  • Retake and succeed on Gastronomy

    Retake and succeed on Gastronomy
    I plan to retake my gastronomy courses and graduate to be a chef.
  • UAGRM graduation!

    UAGRM graduation!
    I will finish my financial engineering career
  • More courses

    More courses
    I will study a hotel and tourism course
  • JCI presidency

    JCI presidency
    I am going to become president of JCI
  • Best teacher ever!

    Best teacher ever!
    I will be a teacher that helps, motivates students from any social class.
  • First province year

    First province year
    Make my province year in a satisfactory way