Media Production Schedule

  • Period: to

    Media Course work

  • Research/ Case studies of real music magazines (planning

    Decide on a genre of music to work with for your magazine. Carry out resaerch into this genre
    a) Textual analysis

    b) Audiance and Institution
  • Preliminary Task:LSC Magazine

  • Audiance Feedback and Evaluation- Preliminary Task/College Magazine (planning)

  • Magazine Newsstand task/ Distribution of magazines (Planning)

  • Drafting and Fainalizing House Styles, Drafts and Layouts (planning)

  • Audience Research Task (Planning)

  • Phtography (constuction)

  • Desk Top PUblishing and Editing your Music Magazine (construction)

  • Audiance Resaerch/ Blog Checks/ Music Magazine (planning/Evaluation)

  • Planning Evalutation (Evaluation) Uploaded by

  • Creating the Evaluation (Evaluation) Evaluation Answers Uploaded by

  • Evaluation Review Week / Final Blog check