Media Coursework

By Simig96
  • Planning The Project: Production Schedule

    First task is to produce the production schedule for the Foundation Portfolio, to help me organize my time for the project.
  • Research/ case studies (Planning)

    Get two music magazines and evaluate it. Talk about
    - Image
    - Covections of page layout
    - Language
    - Genre
    - Secondary audience research
    - who publishes the magazine?
  • Preliminary Task: LSC magazine (Planning)

    Produce pages for a college magazine.
    Create a front page and a contents pge.
    Include original photography
  • Audience feedback and evaluation - preliminary task/ college magazine (Planning)

    Get feedback on my college magazine. Then use this to make an evaluation on the magazine
    - What went well ?
    - What do i need to improve?
    - Three clear points to develop on
  • Magazine newsstand task/ distribution of magazine (Planning)

    Go to a newsstand and look at music magazine titles available.
    - where and how they have been displayed
    - Take a couple pics on phone and upload it
    - Write about what i found on the blog.
  • Drafting and finalizing house styles, drafts and layouts (Planning)

  • Photography (Construction)

    Get shown how to use the DSLR camera to be able to photographs for the music magazine.
  • Audience Research Task

    Evaluate the audience feedback from the pitch from a focus group. Make changes if needed from feedback.
  • Photography

    Have a minimum of 4 pics for the magazine (so take loads of pics to chose from a varity) Take the photos
  • Desk Top Publishing and Editing My Music Magazine (Construction)

    Draft of cover page, contents page and DPS
  • Desk Top Publishing and Editing My Music Magazine (Construction)

    The front cover, contents page and DPS needs to be completed and uploaded to the website.
  • Audience research- main task / music magazine (Planning / Evaluation)

    Get feedback on the music magazine.
    comment on the weaknesses and the strengths and how does the final magazine compare to the draft and the plans
  • Planning the Evaluation (Evaluation)

    This is worth 20% of the coursework grade. Evaluation needs to address the following:
    - In what ways does my media product use, develop or challenge forms and convections of real media products?
    - How does my media product represent particular social groups?
    - What kind of media institution might distrubute my media product and why?
    - Who would be the audience of my media product?
    - How did i attract my audience?
  • Creating the Evaluation

    I will be marked according to how appropriate my chosen technologies are to the presentation of my answer, and how creative / interactive i am, as well as the content of my answers needs to be uploaded by this date