Media Coursework

By amypod
  • model casting

    I need to decide who I am going to use to take pictures of for my front cover, contents page, and double page spread. I need to do this in plenty of time before the deadline, in order to get the photos taken!
  • photo settings

    I need to decide where I am going to take the photos, and what background I think will look good for the photos. I need to ask my audience focus group for feedback on my opinions and for their opinions, so I need to do this in plenty of time before the deadline.
  • model costumes

    I need to decide what costumes I want my models to wear. Once I've decided, I need to work out where I will get them from - if I need to borrow them from anyone or buy them from anywhere. This needs to be done before the deadline.
  • props

    I need to decide whether I need any props - if so what. I need to work out where I will get them from and how I can get them in time for my photoshoot with my model.
  • double page

    I am going to ask my friend Jack to be the double page spread model, because he looks quite country, I meet up with him regularly anyway, and I know he won't mind! I'll ring him at the weekend...
  • shots

    I'll need to decide what shots I want before turning up to the photoshoots so I can be prepared and not waste the models' time. I may need to do some research of other country music magazines for ideas, so I have a good idea of what I want to come out of the photoshoots with.
  • front page model

    I have decided I am going to ask my friend Sarah if she will be the model for my front cover. She looks quite country! I'll text her tomorrow...
  • costumes for models

    I want to use checked shirts and jeans as the main costume theme. If I can find some cowboy boots or a cowboy hat then they would be perfect to use!
  • contents page

    my friend Abbie is performing at a country themed night in a couple of weeks so I'll go along and take some photos of her singing for the contents page.
  • contents page

    I need another model for my contents page, so I'll text Ellie and see if it is okay for us to meet at college and take some pictures.
  • guitar

    I will need a guitar for the front cover. I know that my neighbour plays guitar so I'll ask him if I can borrow it.
  • contents page

    Abbie said it is fine for me to go along to see her. It's 7th January so I'll take some pictures there!