Life Span Timetoast

By Samagu2
  • Project Excite Northwesten

    Project Excite Northwesten
    In 3rd grade i joined a program called Project Excite. it's a program for talented and gifted students.
  • Cheer Leading

    Cheer Leading
    In 7th grade it was my first time trying out for cheer leading and i made the team. The cheer leadng team i cheered for was called FAAM. We cheered for basketball teams only.
  • 8th grade Springfield trip

    8th grade Springfield trip
    I went to Springfield for my last trip of 8th grade. we went for 3 days and stayed 2 nights. It was really fun and exciting i got to visit the inside of Abraham Lincolns tomb.
  • Graduation From Middle Schhol

    Graduation From Middle Schhol
    On June 11 2011. I graduated 8th grade from Havn Middle school. On that day i was very excited but also nervous about walking across the stage.
  • First Job

    First Job
    Last Summer i got my first job and i worked from July 14 until a week before Septemeber 23. The
  • First Day of highschool

    First Day of highschool
    September 23, was my first day attending Niles West High School. At first i thought i wasn't going to like it because i didn't really know anyone, and it seemed quite boring but it's actually kind of fun.
  • Pass All classes

    Pass All classes
    For Freshman year i want to pass all of my classes so thath i wont have to repeat nay of them next year. Or in summer school.
  • Sophmore Year AP

    Sophmore Year AP
    Into my 2nd year of high School I want to take Alot of AP and challenging classes. And make sure that i pass all of my finals.
  • Junior Year

    Junior Year
    Junior Year i want to take a lot of electives and participate in more after school activities.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    For my senior year of High School I want to have my driver's linscence and my own car also a job and ready to go off to college. Graduating with Extra Credits.
  • College

    I want to go to college and graduate with a Masters and Docters Degree. Also i want to have a job still, and my own apartment.
  • My Golden Birthday

    My Golden Birthday
    Go out and have the best time of my life for my cgolden Birthday <3 . I willhave fun and party like its my last.
  • Career (Middle of young Adulthood)

    Career (Middle of young Adulthood)
    Become a lawyer before i turn 30 years old and be happy with my career.
  • Married :)

    Married :)
    Get Married, before tha gae of 33. Becaue i probably wont have enough time later in life when i get so into my career .
  • Family

    By the age of fourty i want to have a happy stable home with a family 2 kids and my husband,
  • travel

    I want to travel all across the world. So that i could walk and do for myself in the different places rather than being very old and having to depend on someone.
  • Children's Education

    Children's Education
    I would like to send my children all to college and pay off their tuition.
  • Debts

    I would like to pay off all of my debts before i get older and retire then i wont have enough money because i won't be able to work.
  • Family

    Take care of all of my family that needs help & make sure that everyone has enough money and a job and safe place to sleep before i go to sleep at night.
  • Sky Diving

    Sky Diving
    I would like to sky dive before i die/ Retire because it seems fun and i've always wanted to do it since i was younger.
  • Spending time

    Spending time
    Before i die i would like to spend as much time with my faimly as possible because we will never know when i will be taken away from this world.
  • Grand childres Education

    If i am lucky enough to make it to see my grandchildren or even have any i would save up money for them to got to college, and before i pass away or spend it i would like to give it to them personally.
  • Retirement

    When i am 65 years old i will like to retire and not have to worry sbout working again because i will have money saved up and the money from my retirement.