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Life In a Day

By plamen
  • Waking up

    Waking up
    This is the time I wake up. It means that I have school. I hate this time because I feel so exhausted trying to wake up. The expectations of this time is that im in high school. Also this time means that I eat breakfast and go to school at 7:30.
  • Breakfast

    This is about 10-20 min after I wake up. It is the most important meal of the day because it has to keep me from getting hungry during school. It also helps me concintrate knowing that I dont feel hunger. Breakfast is usually in bed because I still wanna sleep.
  • Going to school

    Going to school
    After breakfast I go to school. I usually have to be there before 7:30 because I don't want to be late. If I am late then ill get introuble. Im still kinda bummed out that I have to wake up. But through out my mood gets better.
  • Bored in class

    Bored in class
    In classes it gets really boring. Usually because teachers are just talking and talking for a very long time. So it gets boring and I sometimes sleep in class.
  • Lunch time

    Lunch time
    Lunch time represent the same thing your going to be eating for the next 4 yars of your life. Your lunch is very limited and unhealthy. Except for the deli sanwhiches, and salads.
  • School ends

    School ends
    This is the time that school ends. The most happyest time of my day also I get to go home and do home work and study but before that I go to work out.
  • workout

    This is part of my weekly ritual. I have to work out to stay in shape for the ladies.. But it keeps me healthy and I feel better once im done.
  • study

    I study and do home work. I need to keep my grades high so I can achieve more and go to college. It also helps me be more responsible and organized.
  • Dinner time

    Dinner time
    Dinner time is the only time where I get to eat what I want and its home made so its healthy. It basically means the day is over.
  • 11 PM Bed time

    11 PM Bed time
    This is the time I try to go to bed around because I will be tired when i start off my new day if I go any later. This also helps me be responsible for my self without my parents telling me when I should go to bed.