Keena's Pre-Timeline

  • I was born

    My Panamanian parents welcomed to the world a beautiful baby girl and named her Keena Jamilah King
  • My younger brother was born

    My younger brother Kevin was born and I was two years old
  • Started first grade

    I started first grade at St. Fortunata Catholic School and my teachers name was Mrs. Di Pace
  • My first communion

    I was in the second grade when I recieved my first communion and my teacher was Sister Mary Williams
  • First year in public school

    My mother took my younger brother and I out of private school and we started P.S. 213
  • Started Junior High School

    I started George Gershiw J.H.S.166
  • Graduated Junior High School

    My graduation ceremony was held at Brooklyn College
  • Started High School

    In New York I had the option of graduating and leaving junior high school in the 8th grade or the 9th grade and I decided to stay. I started H.S. in the 10th grade. I was so excited because it wasn't the H.S. in my neighborhood and I got to ride the train(subway) there everyday
  • Birth of first daughter

    My senior year of H.S. at the age of 17 I gave birth to my first jewel Krystal Janee'
  • Graduated H.S.

    It was hard, but I made it to graduation
  • Graduated Community College

    Graduated from the Borough of Manhattan Community College with the degree of Associate in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education
  • Moved to S.C.

    I didn't want too but, I moved down south
  • Got married

    Don't know why I did it
  • My second jewel was born

    Diamond Joy was born and she is the answer to why I did it
  • Divorced

    It was finally over and I was Happily DIVORCED!!!
  • My favorite job ever

    I was hired as a Special Education teacher's assistant working with preschool students who are develomentally delayed.
  • Started undergrad program

    I started classes at Columbia College
  • Bestfriend goes to heavan

    My grandmother who was also my first bestfriend went home to heaven. I can truly say it was the worst day of my life, not only because she passed but it was my daughter's 21 birthday and she was on her way home to surprised her greatmother.