Jean Attig

By jeaatt
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    Jean's L:ife

    Jean's Life!
  • Barbie Dream House

    Barbie Dream House
    I always wanted a Barbie Dream House because I would have been the only one of my friends to have one.
  • Become an Interior Designer

    Become an Interior Designer
    I wanted to become an interior designer because I thought it would be a way to be creative and have a fun career.
  • Become a high school business teachedr

    Become a high school business teachedr
    I want to become a teacher because my business classes were my favorite ones in high school.
  • Become a mom.

    Become a mom.
    I would like to have one boy and one girl because I like kids.
  • Retirement from Niles West

    Retirement from Niles West
    I would like to retire with a full pension and enjoy my later years by not dealing with teens each and every day.