Isabella D.

By isadom2
  • Pastry Chef.

    Pastry Chef.
    When I was around 5-7 years old, I wanted to be a pastry chef. I watched a lot of Food Network, so that's what influenced me.
  • I wanted to be a teacher.

    I wanted to be a teacher.
    I wanted to be a teacher because my kindergarten teacher influenced me. She did so because she was very nice and a good teacher.
  • Actually understand Science.

    Actually understand Science.
    I want to accomplish this goal because I never understood Science. I never actually liked it and I would actually like to understand it.
  • I had wanted to learn guitar for a while.

    I had wanted to learn guitar for a while.
    I did actually complete this goal but I quit guitar. I wanted to do it because I saw my friends learning how to play instruments. I thought it would be cool to do the same thing.
  • I hoped that I would never be split from my friends.

    I hoped that I would never be split from my friends.
    I didn't want to get split up from my friends because we had known each other since kindergarten. I had seen what high school did to the older grades. My hopes had been crushed when I went to West.
  • Get Straight A's.

    Get Straight A's.
    I want to accomplish this goal because I have never gotten straight A's. I really want a 4.0 because its never happend. I want to make my parents proud.
  • To make friends.

    To make friends.
    I want to make as many friends as possible. That way I'd have a lot of people to go to if I ever needed help with anything.
    The more friends the merrier.
  • Graduate High School.

    Graduate High School.
    I want to accomplish the goal of graduating because I don't want to be one of those people who doesn't graduate because of a credit.
  • Graduate College.

    Graduate College.
    I hope I graduate from College that way I can get more knowledge and look for jobs.
  • Moving out.

    Moving out.
    I want to move out of my parents after College because they get on my nerves at times. I also want to be independent and learn about the real world. I would get an apartment with my friends.
  • Criminal Justice.

    Criminal Justice.
    I hope to have a job in Criminal Justice because solving crimes interests me. It interests me ever since I saw Criminal Minds. I've always wanted to help people out.
  • Bucketlist.

    I want to start working on things on my bucketlist because when I get older, I won't be able to do half of the things on there. I should live my life to the fullest and have no regrets when I die.
  • Marriage

    I hope to get married because I later on want to start a family and be happy. It's important to have a loving family.
  • Kids

    I hope I have at least 2-4 children in my young adulthood. I want to have children because they are so adorable and it'd be awesome having a loving family.
  • Speaking fluent languages.

    Speaking fluent languages.
    Being able to speak at fluent at least in 5 different languages so that way I can be diverse. Also, people who know more languages are likely to be smarter and have it easier it in their lives.
  • Travel the world.

    Travel the world.
    I want to travel the world so I'd be able to see everything the world has to give to us.
  • Family visits.

    Family visits.
    Visiting my family at least every couple of years so that way we can always stay in touch. This is important because I would like to keep close with my family.
  • Promotion.

    I hope I get a promotion in my job because then it'll show that I worked really hard in my job. I will also get more money so then i could help my family.
  • Highschool/Middle School Reunion.

    Highschool/Middle School Reunion.
    Reunite with friends from middle school and high school. This is important because then I’d be gaining my old friends back and catching up with them.
  • Read as many books as possible.

    Read as many books as possible.
    To read as many books as I can so that way I can get more knowledge. Also experience all different genres of books.
  • Finishing my job.

    Finishing my job.
    I hope that I successfully finish my job and that I solve a lot of crimes. I hope this happens because I really love to see that I have helped somebody out. It also shows all the progress
  • Grandchildren.

    I hope that I have grandchildren because I want to have a big loving family. Also, I love kids a lot. It would be fun to tell them stories and prepare them for life.
  • Knitting.

    Try knitting because I want to be one of those old cute grandmas that knit for their grandchildren.
  • Gay Marriage passed everywhere.

    Gay Marriage passed everywhere.
    This is important because I believe everybody deserves equal rights. Also, the lgbt community has awesome people and some of my friends are gay/bi. So it'd be nice to see their rights go through.
  • Funeral.

    I hope to have a colorful fun funeral. I feel like it'd be too sad if everybody was in black. I would also liked to be buried with my teddy bear because it's basically one of my favorite things in the world. I value it a lot.