Goal Setting

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    Past Accomplishments

    Accomplishments i have achieved in the past
  • Math Contest

    Math Contest
    I won the math contest at my elementary school. I receive a certificate for the accomplishment.
  • Volleyball Champs!

    Volleyball Champs!
    Won York Region Catholic District School Board Volleyball Champions title.
  • Top Student

    Top Student
    On this day, i got honoured with top overall student of my school in athletics and academics.
  • Elementary School Graduation

    Elementary School Graduation
    I graduated from Sir Richard W. Scott Catholic elementary school.
  • Baseball

    Became Ontario Baseball Association (OBA) champions.
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    Future Accomplishments and Goals

    These are positive goals that I hope to achieve personally and financially
  • First Job

    First Job
    I want to see myself getting a job. I plan to achieve this goal by first applying for a job. I will have my resume ready and prepare for interviews.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I will be graduating from Unionville High School. I plan on accomplishing the goal by focusing in school and not fail any courses. All i need is my Grade 12 credits to graduate. I have already completed OSSLT and 40 hours of volunteer.
  • Start University

    Start University
    I travel to Chicago and prepare for my first day of school at the University of Chicago. I plan on taking business there. I plan to reach this goal by graduating high school. I have already taken SATs, but I just need a higher score to get into the University.
  • Masters of Business Administration

    Masters of Business Administration
    After completing 3 years at University of Chicago, i received the Masters of Business Administration degree. I plan on accomplishing this goal by focussing in school and not dropping out.
  • University of Chicago

    University of Chicago
    Complete two more years at University of Chicago and graduated from university honoured with top student. I plan on accomplishing this goal by expanding my comfort zone and having a good work ethic in school.
  • Starting a venture

    Starting a venture
    I plan on making a business. I plan on accomplishing this goal by finishing school and starting my own business for sports equipment.
  • Marriage

    I will get married with a girl. I plan on accomplishing this goal by spending quality time with my girlfriend and one day propose to her.
  • Purchasing First Residence

    Purchasing First  Residence
    I want to see myself purchasing a nice spacious apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I plan on accomplishing this goal by earning a decent salary with my venture and buying the residence.
  • Becoming a parent

    Becoming a parent
    I will become a parent. I plan on accomplishing this goal by having a baby with my wife.
  • SUCCESS Magazine!

    SUCCESS Magazine!
    I want to see myself on the front cover of the SUCCESS Magazine. It is a magazine for entrepreneurs who have quickly grown their business. it is for people who succeed in the financial and personal perspective. I plan on accomplishing this goal by expanding my business and advertising my business until it is well known and has a good reputation.
  • Building Financial Stability

    Building Financial Stability
    I want to see myself build financial stability by this time period. I plan on doing this by building a reputation around my business. I want everybody to my brand name and from there customers will come to my business.
  • Becoming a Grandparent

    Becoming a Grandparent
    My children will have their first child I plan on accomplishing this goal by having my children have children of their own.