French Revolution

Timeline created by davidbowe
  • Reveillon Riots

    Reveillon Riots
    caused by low wages and food shortages, led to about 25 deaths by troops.
  • Estates-General

    Convoked for the first time since 1614
  • The Third Estate begins to meet on its own

    They are the majority of the population but get little say
  • National Guard

    The national Gaurd was formed in Paris,made of middle classmen
  • Fall of the Bastille

    Fall of the Bastille
    People stormed the fortress for ammunition and supplies.
  • The beginning of the Great Fear

    the peasantry revolt against feudalism and a number of urban disturbances and revolts.
  • The Assembly adopts

    The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
  • The National Assembly grants suspensive veto to Louis XVI

    Louis fails to ratify the August acts of the National Assembly.
  • Period: to

    Outbreak of the Paris mob

    Outbreak of the Paris mob and the Women's March on Versailles
  • Louis XVI agrees to ratify the August Decrees

    Palace of Versailles stormed.Louis and the National Assembly move to Paris.
  • Pope Pius

    Pope Pius condemns the Declaration of the Rights of Man in secret consistory.
  • Nobility abolished

    by the National Assembly.
  • The parlements are abolished

  • Period: to

    Royal family's flight to Varennes

  • Citizen Louis Capet guillotined

    formerly known as Louis XVI.
  • Start of Reign of Terror.

  • Marie Antoinette guillotined.