Fahrenheit 451

  • Montag is introduced as a type of "fireworker" (fireman)

    Montag is introduced as a person who handles hot conditions involving fire. He is later introduced as a fireman, a modern day fireman who burns books.
  • Montag turns the corner and meets Clarisse

    Montag turns the corner and talks to Clarisse about life events, such as him being a fireman and they talk about the modern technology.
  • He discovers his wife Mildred overdosed and calls for help

    Montag finds his wife overdosed, tries to call responders, but doesn't work.
  • Mildred can't remember that she overdosed.

    Mildred can't remember that she had a near-death experience
  • Montag has another run-in with Clarisse

    They run into each other again and they talk about life events, later on Montag starts to question his fireman position.
  • Montag goes to Captain Beatty to ask questions

    Montag goes to the Captain of the Firemen, Captain beatty to ask him various questions concerning the burning of books and such.
  • Lady kills herself along with burning her books.

    The firemen are sent to a house to burn which is full of books. The lady burns herself along with her books. Montag decides to steal a book
  • Montag is too "sick" to go into work

    Montag feels sick after stealing the book from the lady's house.
  • Clarisse dies

    Clarisse is hit by a car and it is inferred that she dies.
  • Beatty goes to Montag while he's "sick."

    Montag is told the true history of firemen by Captain Beatty.
  • Montag calls Faber and goes to his house.

    Montag goes to Faber's house and they talk about books. Montag rips pages out of the bible he stole and they talk to overthrow their way of life to read books.
  • Montag goes home and makes Millie sad

    Millie is depressed/angry at Montag for reading that poetry about how war is a terrible thing where people die. Her third husband is in the military at war.
  • The alarm goes off, for Montag's home.

    The alarm goes off for the firemen to burn down Montag's home.
  • Montag kills Captain Beatty inside his house

    He kills Beatty with a flamethrower inside of his house.
  • Montag is hunted down by the mechanical dog.

    He is being hunted for the killing of Beatty by the government, inforced by the mechanical dog.
  • Montag escapes in the woods

    Montag flees to the woods where he washes off his scent in the river.
  • Montag escapes into the woods

    He escapes into the woods to find a gleam of light.
  • Montag finds a group of people in the outskirts.

    Montag finds a group of scholars that have been living in the forest, who memorize books.
  • Montag is introduced to Granger

    Montag meets the leader of the group, Granger who is very intelligent and patient.
  • The town is bombed and everyone passes away.

    Montag is never found, except for by his new group in the forest. Everyone in the town is bombed and everyone dies. The End.