Fahrenheit 451

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    Fahrenheit 451

  • Montag introduced

    Guy Montag is introduced, he is a fireman who burns books.
  • New Neighbor

    Clarisse moves in next to montag, she is 17 and questions many aspects of society.
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    Mildred, Montag's wife commits suicide with pills. She is saved by medical technology and survives.
  • Suicide

    Mildred, Guy's wife, attempts to commit suicide with pils but fails. Thankfully, medical technology saved her.
  • Fire

    Montag goes to an old womans house to burn it, along with her books. To everyone's surprise, she chooses to stay in her house and burn with her books.
  • Clarisse dies

    Montag comes home to find that Clarisse has been killed by a speeding car.
  • Books add up

    Montag begins stealing books from fires becasue he wants to know why they make people so happy, and hopefully find that happiness that's missing from his life.
  • Beatty visits

    When Montag doesn't show up for work, Beatty comes to his house and tells him stories of the past and why books were banned. He tells why they are useless and unecessary.
  • Books begin

    After Beatty visits, Montag gets afraid and begins reading.
  • Faber

    Montag remembers Faber and pays him a visit. They come up with a plan and Montag is given a green bullet. (radio that goes both ways)
  • Work

    The followiing day, Guy goes to the fire station and turns a book in. Beatty is confusing and makes many quotes, but says literature is awful. As the bell rings, the fire turns out to be at Montag's house.
  • Betrayal

    As they pull up to Guy's house, his wife gets her baggage and leaves in a taxi. She turned him in.
  • Home is where the books are

    One afternoon, Montag comes home to his wives fake friends complaining about topics they seem to know nothing about. He angrily yells at them and reads them a poem book.
  • Burning

    Beatty forces Montag to burn the house himself. When he's done, he's under arrest.
  • Climax

    After burning his home, Montag then burns Beatty. Afterwards, he knocks out all the other firemen.
  • Getting Caught

    After the incident at Mildred's house, her friends report Montag.
  • Dogs

    Montag is bit by a mechanical hound, but recovers enough to keep moving.
  • Setting Them Up

    Montag goes to a fellow man's house, puts books in it, and reports it to the firestation.
  • Running

    After casuing such a scene, Montag carefully makes his way to Faber's home, careful to not be seen.
  • New Hound

    At Faber's house he learns that even though he killed the las hound, a new one has been put on his trail.
  • Faber leaving

    Faber tells Montag that he is going to leave to St. Loius to see a printer.
  • Good-byes

    Montag gives Faber money and tells him to incinerate everything Guy has touched on his recent visit. He then takes some old clothes and runs off to the river.
  • Free At Last

    Montag follows the river until he reaches men in the country.
  • New Friends

    Montag meets new friends and learns his job of memorizing Ecclesiastes.
  • Bombed

    As they watch from the country, the city is bombed.
  • Destroy and Rebuild

    Montag and his country friends start searching for people to join them, work to rebuild the country they once knew.