• Montag Meets Clarisse

    The night Montag meets Clarisee he had just come back from burning a house. He is take off guard by her unique personality but cant srtop thinking about her when they depart. She tells him about her family and that she isn't scared of him.
  • Montag at Home

    When Montag gets home from meating Clarisse, his wife is unconscience on their bed. She overdosed and he had to call men to come and empty her stomach of the poison.
  • Old Woman

    Montag responds to a call from a woman saying her next door neighbor had books. When his squad got there the woman would not leave her house because she would rather die than live without her books, they then proceed to burn her along with her house. Montag is shocked by this and realizes how unhumane they are being.
  • Clarisse is killed

    A few days after the incident with the woman giving up her life, Montag finds out why he hasnt heard from or seen Clarisse; she was killed by a car. This makes Montag realize how much he dislikes his life and starts to search for a solution with the help of a secret stack of books he has hidden in his house.
  • Calling in Sick

    When Montag calls in sick to work, Beatty, comes to visit him at his house. Beatty starts talking to Montag about the reasons behind banning and burning books; how they were creating disruptions throughout society and its minorities. He talks about the past and tells Montag that at one point,every fireman feels the same way Montag does right now.Before Beatty leaves, he gives Montag 24 hours to read his stolen book to see if he finds any value in it.Beatty doesnt know about Montags secret books.
  • Faber

    After Beatty leaves, he tries to get his wife to help decipher some of these books, but she doesnt want any part of it. He then remembers a retired english teacher named Faber he met in a park one day. Montag visits Faber and Faber agrees to help him read and understand books and the two work as a team to rebel against the government. Faber gives Montag a two way radio ear piece to communicate through without being suspicious, that way Faber can be with Montag wherever he goes.
  • Reading Poetry

    Montag comes home to two of his wife's friends watching TV, he starts to read them poetry and both get very shaken up to the point of crying. He doesn't stop but makes them listen to the whole thing instead, they leave the house very angry and disturbed. The women file a complaint against Montag.
  • Returning the Book

    Montag goes to the fire station to turn in the book to Beatty. Beatty starts to bombard Montag with quotes from various books, leading him to prove the point that books are dangerous and are better off burned. The alarm bell goes off and they leave to go to their destination.
  • The Escape

    The call was made my Montag's wife and Beatty made Montag burn it himself, telling him that he was under arrest once he was done. Montag gets fed up with Beatty yelling demeaning things at him, so he turns around and burns him, which results in Beatty dieing, Montag then knocks the others unconscious and runs to Fabers. While running away, the hound attacks Montag but only gets the needle into his leg. Montag then kills the hound too, limping away as fast as possible.
  • Getting Away

    Montag gets away from the scene with some books he had hid in his backyard, which he then proceeds to plant in another firemans house along the way and calls an alarm from a payphone. When Montag reaches Faber he learns he is being hunted by a new hound along with the police, helicopters and a television crew. Montag leaves Fabers house with some old clothes and the necessities, heading towards the river as an escape. Montag instructs Faber to clean his scent off of everything in the house.
  • The Final Stretch

    Montag manages to escape in the river before the hound can catch his scent.When he resurfaces on land,Montag meets a group of outcast men who are watching the chase.The police will not admit to losing track of Montag,so they decide to kill a random man to finish the chase and give the public peace.Montag then is introduced to the men and informed that they all have books in their heads that they have individually memorized.They are apart of a nationwide network of people like themselves.
  • A New Beginning

    Not long after meeting these men, nuclear bombs attack the city. They set out to look for any survivors and possibly the start to a new civilization.