By Blabal1
  • Period: to

    Childhood before high school

    from birth to end of elementary school
  • Dodgeball

    I played dodgeball in 6th grade and my goal was to win the championship which we did
  • Culver Basketball

    Culver Basketball
    One of my goals was to do good in our Culver basketball team, which we did not do, unfortunately
  • Culver School

    Culver School
    I had good grades in culver and I had friends in Culver.
  • Culver Graduation

    Culver Graduation
    My goal was to go to Culver School and then graduate
  • Niles West Football

    Niles West Football
    I played football for Niles West and i had a good season
  • Period: to

    High school

    My high school years
  • Niles West Life

    Niles West Life
    My goal is to have fun at Niles West and have a great life here
  • High Scool Grades

    High Scool Grades
    My goal is to excel in High School
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I want to graduate high school so i can go to college and live life and stuff
  • Period: to

    Post high school until 25

    My life after high school until i turn 25
  • College

    I want to go to a good college shortly after i graduate high school
  • Chill

    One of my goals during college is to just chill and live life
  • My House/apartment

    My House/apartment
    I want to get my own small house or even an apartment shortly after i get out of college
  • Job

    I want to get a job after college so i can pay off loans and pay rent and stuff
  • Life-time Job

    Life-time Job
    I want to get a good job, that will be able to support me and my family although i do not know what i want my life-time proffession to be just yet
  • Period: to

    Age 25-40

  • Married

    I want to get married sort of early in my life
  • Family

    I want to have kids and start a family
  • House/money

    I want a big house for my family and also a lot of money for me and my family
  • Period: to

    Young Adulthood (25-40 years old)

    Young Adulthood (25-40 years old)
  • Stay with other family

    Stay with other family
    I want to stay in touch with my other family, cousins, brothers, nephews, nieces, etc,
  • Vacations

    I want to go on vacations with my family when i am middle aged
  • Involved with kids

    Involved with kids
    I want to stay active in my kids life, such as coach their sport's teams and stuff
  • Old sports

    Old sports
    I want to be involved with some low-key sports people and play sports kinda regularly
  • Period: to

    Until death

    From retirement until death
  • Vacation Home

    Vacation Home
    I want to get a house so my family can go on vacation to chill during breaks
  • Grandkids

    I want to have grandkids so that i can be involved in their life too
  • See the world

    See the world
    I want to travel around the world and see some places
  • Chill with friends

    Chill with friends
    I want to end up like my grandpa, who still hangs with his friends at bars and fishes with thm and stuff
  • 100th Birthday

    100th Birthday
    i want to live to 100