Arton timeline

  • World here i come!

    World here i come!
    I was born in to my mother named Shen and my dad Sam Bislimi.In OaK Lawn Illinois.
  • Bryce Harper

    Bryce Harper
    One day I hope to meet my favorite baseball player who made me love the game, Bryce Harper.
  • The Elective Choice

    The Elective Choice
    I want to do spanish because I think it's cool to know a different lanuage.
  • The Sport of Richards

    The Sport of Richards
    I want to make the baseball team for Richards.
  • The classes of Richards

    The classes of Richards
    I hope to make advanced math, advaced reading, and have a good social life.
  • H.L Richards High School

    H.L Richards High School
    The high school i will be attending is Richards.
  • Popularity

    I hope to be popular in school becuase my high school life will be easier.
  • Smarticle

    I want to keep a grade point average of 3.75.
  • The Great Cheif

    The Great Cheif
    I want to take cooking lessons in high school because i think one day if my parents aren't home to cook anything i wouldn't care becuase then i would know how to cook.
  • Basketball Star

    Basketball Star
    Also, I want to be on basketball team during off season of baseball.
  • Obstacles

    The obstacles that I might face is lack of focus and bad grades.
  • Tar Heels!

    Tar Heels!
    The college that I hope to attend is University of North Carolina. To play baseball or physical therapy.
  • The Significance of My Career

    The Significance of My Career
    I hope that my parents will be there to watch me graduate from college.
  • Travel

    I want to goto Hawaii one day.
  • Baseball Skills

    Baseball Skills
    I hope to have good enough skills to make it in the majors.
  • Family

    I hope to have a great, and succesful family.
  • Travel Ball Team

    Travel Ball Team
    If I retire in the Majors i want to create my own Travel Baseball Team.
  • Date of a great life

    Date of a great life
    I hope to live to 99yrs. old.