8.1 French Revolution Timeline

By fwall23
  • Calling of the Estates General

    Source At this time, parliament and the government entered a standstill. Louis XVI called the Estates General for the first time since 1614. This was to help with the financial issues. This was important because it hadn't been done for a long time before.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Source Louis XVI locked the meeting room, so the theird estate decided to meet in an indoor tennis court. It was there that they created the Tennis Court Oath. They later ended up calling themselves the National Assembly, and not a month later, stormed a prison.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Source On this date, a prison in Paris known as the Bastille was attacked by a large, aggressive mob. At the time the prison was attacked, it only held 7 prisoners. But that is not what the mob came for. They came for the huge supply of ammunition held within the Bastille's walls. This event was so important because it was the start of the revolution.
  • Period: to

    The French Revolution

  • Royal Family Flees

    Source There were troubles in Paris, and Marie Antoinette and the rest of the family fled. The whole thing was organized. They were later caught and the National Guardsmen escorted them back. This is important because the family tried to escape, and if they did they would've drastically changed the course of history.
  • Monarchy Abolished in France

    Source The Legislative Assembly decided to abolish monarchy and establish what came to be known as the First Republic. This came only a year after Louis XVI signed a constitution that stripped him of much of his power. Later, Louis was found to have had counterrevolutionary intrigues with foreign nations. This is important because there will never be an absolute monarch again in France.
  • Louis XVI Executed

    Source One day after being found guilty of conspiracy with foreign powers, he was sentenced to death by guillotine. Louis XVI had recieved the throne in 1774, and from the beinning was thought to be uncapable of dealing with the financial problems his grandfather left him with. I feel this is an important event, because it marks the end of a tyrant.
  • Cult of the Supreme Being

    Source Maximilien Robespierre made this speech. On this day, he was decreed the new religion of the Supreme Being. He made a political mistake talking about the immortality of the soul. This is important because it was a new religion, and an important one.
  • The Execution of Robespierre

    Source Robespierre was soon found to be a complete tyrant. He was arrested on July 27 and executed the very next day. He wanted to extend emergency powers but most felt there wasn't much of an emergency, and people wanted their country to maintain homeostasis. This was important because another leader was executed, and for the better.
  • Churches Reopen

    Source When Robespierre fell in July 1794, it brought a thaw to religious practice.Dechristianisation made religious practices stay in home privately. But when the churches opened once again, people were free to go in. This was an important time because poeple were no longer private again, they were openly christian.
  • Napolean's Coup d'etat

    Source napolean brought together a group of people to help him overthrow the king. He seized political power in France on account of is coup d'etat. He crowned himself empire in 1804. This is important because he unseated the king which was a difficult task, and he managed to take his place, and then become emperor just several years later.