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  • Period: to

    The King and the Assembly

    For this period of time, the King and the Assembly was fighting aver the power. Actually, the National Assembly had the power but when the Emperor Leopold helped his sister, the circumstances have changed.
  • Fall of Bastille

    People gathered up together and broke into Bastille. They found 7 prisoners and captured the Bastille.
  • Great Fear in France

    Wanderers who threatened peasants by stealing things from the fieds and destroying the farms have grown the fear of French people.
  • Market Women march

    With the support by National Guradsmen, crowds of market women marched to Versailles. Complained about the high price of bread and asked Louis to leave and come with them to Paris
  • Back to Paris

    Louis, Marie Antoinette, and the oldest son left to Paris. Versilles was locked up and they had to live in the Palace of Tuileries.
  • Escape of Louis and his family

    Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and their children disguised and tried to escape secretely. However, they got caught in the town of Verennes.