French Revolution

By kumail2
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • National Assembly Established

    The Third Estate declared themselves the National Assembly and made the Tennis Court Oath.
  • Paris stormed Bastille

    Paris stormed Bastille
    The People of Paris stormed Bastille
  • Declaration rights

    Declaration rights
    The National Assembly issued the Declaration of the rights of man
  • First Parisian

    The First Parisian session of the Assembly, in the active ministry
  • Louis's family

    His family tried to flee France, but were arrested.
  • Leopold 2

    Death of Leopold 2 of Austria
  • National Convention

    The National Convention held their first meeting
  • King Executed

    King Louis sentenced to the guillotine
  • Riots

    There were many food riots in Paris
  • The Reign of Terror Begins

    The Reign of Terror begins (court sentenced 20,000 to 40,000 people to death)
  • Reign of Terror Ends

    robespierre was beheaded. Reign of Terror has ended
  • Peace treaty

    Peace treaty signed with Spain
  • Directory Established

    A New Constitution was adopted. The Directory is established
  • End of French Revolution

    The Directory fell and ended the French Revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte takes control of the French Government.