Liz's Life

  • I Was Born

  • Moved to Wisconsin

    Moved to Wisconsin
  • My Sister Moved Out

  • First Soccer Game

    First Soccer Game
  • Parents Got Divorced

  • Broke My Finger

  • Nephew Was Born

  • Went to Glenbrook

  • Broke My Foot

    Broke My Foot
    I remember that day like it was yesterday. At a church picnic, in 2007, I was racing my friend Rebekah on an inflatable obstacle course with a giant slide at the end. I went down the slide like one of those loge racers that you see in the Olympics. I got maximum speed, but then my feet hit the bottom and I was propelled into the air. I landed on the ground and heard my foot crack. That memory will haunt me every time that I go to church.
  • Went to Washington D.C.

    Went to Washington D.C.
  • Got Baptized

  • Dad married Step Mom

    Dad married Step Mom
    My dad and step mom’s wedding was incredibly fun. I was a junior bridesmaid, and my brothers were ushers. The bridesmaids all wore dark green dresses, and the guys looked dashing in traditional black tuxes. At the reception, the dance floor was crowded as the DJ played requested songs. That day was the funnest day ever.
  • Brother Got His Car

    Brother Got His Car
  • Went to San Diego

    My dad took my brothers and me to San Diego for a family trip. I was so awesome! We went to the beach, to Sea World, and to the San Diego Zoo. We also went to a bunch of different restaurants. I think that my favorite place that we went to was the beach. We stood a long way in and when a wave came, jumped. The waves would push us backward. Some of the waves were taller than my dad and he’s six and a half feet tall! San Diego was the best family trip we took so far.
  • Started Middle School

    I started middle school on September 1, 2009. At first, I was really scared. I kept thinking I was going into the wrong classes. SometimesI could not open my locker. After the first day, I realized how different it was from elementary school.