my time line

By hinkle
  • fireworks

    it was the first time i lit a firework
  • first day

    aug 22 2001 was my first day of shool in the first grade
  • party

    my first real birth day party
  • #6 (:

    i turned 6
  • the day after

    i selabated my fathers birth day
  • sisster's school day

    this day was important to me because it was my little sissters first day of shcool she was so happy
  • basketball

    this was the day my father and I went to watch a ame at the dogerarena
  • deep sea fishing

    this was the day I went fishing with my dad and his freinds althoa we worked hard we didn't katch much
  • wine

    on this da I had my first small cup of wine
  • graduation

    my sisster graduated form south