English Revolution Timeline

  • Petition of Rights

    Petition of Rights
    Petition of Right
    Petition of Right talks about our freedom and our rights as a citizen. It lists our rights not to be imprisoned,right to live and many more. It is important because people during English Revolution were not be imprisoned except by the judgement of the law.
  • Grand Remonstrance

    It remove many of the king's power.The Grand Remonstrance was a long, wide-ranging document that listed all the grievances perpetrated by the King's government in Church and State since the beginning of his reign.Rather than, blaming himself the bishop and the papist will be the advisor between the king and the parliament.It is significant because it has the list of all the documents of the king.
  • Court of Star Chamber

    Court of Star Chamber
    [Court of Star Chamber](
    It was made by Chales to avoid the parliament.He used it to convict and imprisoned his enemies.Anyone who will be against the king and his rules will be in the star chamber.It is good though because you will not be beheaded.
  • New Model Army

    New model army is composed of good soldiers that are well-disciplined and skills of fighting.Members of the army received proper training.The army was founded by Cromwell and they believed that God is always in their side.Increasingly, the issue that faced Parliament was what to do with the king. The moderates did not want to bring the King to a final battle, fearing what it might mean. They wanted a negotiated settlement, not the death of their king.
  • Trial of King Charles I

    Charles was put into death because he was chrged of treason. Charles do many money schemes to avoid the parliament and he even fight against the parliament.It is a important event because atleast there will be a peaceful parliament. Also Charles always finds a way to bring back his power,Because of Charles execution all of his money schemes were totally gone.
  • Rump Parliament

    The leftover members are against of the king and they made army against him.Rump Parliament gave arliament the right to make new Acts of Parliament without the king's approval.
  • Oliver Cromwell

    Oliver Cromwell
    Oliver Cromwell
    Oliver Cromwell was elected after King Charles I death.Cromwell was called Lord Protector instead of a king.He divided the country
    up into districts and ruled through major generals.Cromwell is a simple and good leader,he is not like King Charles who is greedy.Cromwell cares for the peolpe.
  • The Restoration

    Parliament passed the Test Act and followed the rules of Magna Carta. After, Cromwell died Charles II became the king and the parliamemnt restore the monarchy.It bring back to the country to choose their king.
  • Charles II

    Charles II
    Charles II
    Charles II was invited to be king so that civil war will not rise.He bring back the lifestle and the traditons of the Christians.The Blue laws are only about Puritans.He made the foreign policy and colonial policy that other countries had today.
  • Bill of Rights

    Bill of Rights
    Bill of RightsDuring the Glorious Revolution Bill of Rights were presnted by Mary and William.This bill help us from
    infringement of the government.It limits the power of sovereign and sets out the rights of the parliament,and rules of freedom of speech in parliament,regular elections for parliament and right to petition a king.It means that there will be a better parliament and the citizens have their rights against the parliament.