unit 7 time line project

  • Ivan the Terable

    Ivan the Terable
    Expanded Russia eastward and crushed power of the nobles.
  • Death of Ivan the Terrible

    Death of Ivan the Terrible
    There was a lot of chaos.
    The National Assembly choose Michael Romanov to take his place.
  • 30 years war

    30 years war
    Between Catholics and protestants.
    Involved all Eroupe except England.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Cavalieres suported the king, Round heads suported parlement.
  • End of 30 years war

    End of 30 years war
    Ended in peace of Westphalia.
    Divided Holy Roman Empire into two states that would act independently.
  • Death of Cromwell

    Death of Cromwell
    When Cromwel took over he dismised parlement and he made a military dictator ship.
    Chareles II took over.
  • King Louis xiv

    King Louis xiv
    Louis took control after Mazarin died. Mazarin ran France for king Louis the xiv
  • Louis xiv

    Louis xiv
    Developed image of the Sun King. Constructed the palace at Versailles. He developed army of 400,000 men.
  • Glorios Revolution

    Glorios Revolution
    James II came to power he dident get along with parlement.
    So parlement asked his dauter and her husband to attack England.
  • John Locke

    John Locke
    Belived in Tabuia Rasa "blank state".
    People were made by there experiances.
    The enviroment shapes a person.
  • End of the Spanish Succession

    End of the Spanish Succession
    Fought among several Eropean Powers.
    Over unification of the kingdoms of Spain and France.
  • Sir Isic Newton

    Sir Isic Newton
    Discovered gravity, made calculous, studyed pysical world.
  • Montesque

    Wrote Spirit of the Laws .
    Wich is a treatise on political theory.
  • Montesque

    Beliveed in republicans for small states, deposets for large, and monarchies for the middle.
    Seperation of power, and checks and balences.
  • Cathern the Great becomes Czarina of Russia

    Cathern the Great becomes Czarina of Russia
    Czarina Elizabeth chose Cathern the great to be future czar peter III's (3) wife.
  • Voltaire

    Critisised Christianity and focused on tolerance deism.
  • King Louis the xvi

    King Louis the xvi
    Ruler of france Mari Antarete was his wife.
  • Denis Diderot

    Denis Diderot
    Wrote Encyclepedia, and spred ideas about the enlightment.
  • Economic Crisis

    Economic Crisis
    Shorteges of major goods and incresed prices of goods.
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    Rebels won the battle so they made a constituion.
    So they could be free.