Charles v

Early Reign of Charles V

  • 1516

    Death of Ferdinand

  • Aug 13, 1516

    Treaty of Noyon

    Charles I/V would acknowledge France's rule in Milan and tried to have a marriage treaty between France and Spain going. War was started under Ferdinand and ended under Charles
  • Period: Sep 1, 1517 to May 1, 1520

    Charles in Spain

  • Oct 31, 1517

    Martin Luther nails his Thesis

  • Nov 4, 1517

    Charles lands in Spain and assumes power

    His mother was still considered insane and got formal authorization from her that day to assume power.
  • 1519

    Black Plague has recurrence in Valencia

  • Jan 12, 1519

    Charles' Grandfather (HRE Emperor) dies

    Maximillian I, HRE dies making him the de fact heir to the HRE
  • Jan 28, 1519

    Crowned Charles V of the HRE

    He was Charles I of Spain
  • 1520

    Complutensian Polyglot Bible

    Since 1504 Cisneros, Spanish Translation scholars, and others had been complining a polyglot bible. Published in 1520, widespread in 1522. Both OT and NT.
  • Period: Apr 1, 1520 to Mar 8, 1522

    Revolt of the Brotherhoods

  • Apr 15, 1520

    Toledo has radical city councilmen removed

  • Period: Apr 16, 1520 to Oct 25, 1521

    Revolt of the Comuneros

    After Charles left to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor, he left the Dutchman Adrian of Utrecht to take care of matters and a bunch of merchants and low levels peasants in the cities tried to impose Juana as queen to protect their rights.
  • May 26, 1520

    Charles lands in England

    Cements an English-Habsburg alliance to deal with France
  • May 30, 1520

    Woolworkers kill two people who voted in favour of the new taxes in Segovia

    Other similar things happened in other cities too.
  • Jun 8, 1520

    Toledo Council Suggestions

    1. Cancel the new taxes
    2. return ot the encabezamineto tax system
    3. Official and Church positions for castillians
    4. Castilian taxes only for use in Castile
    5. Have a Castilian to rule when the king was away
    Ideas became really popular and many cities stopped sending their taxes and started to self rule.
  • Jun 10, 1520

    Rodrigo Ronquillo denied entry to Segovia

    Sent to investigate the murders at Segovia, but he wasn't allowed in and couldn't besieged, so a blockade was started on Segovia. Toledo and Madrid sent their militias to help break it.
  • Aug 21, 1520

    Royalist burn Medino del Campo

    One of the main financial hubs. causes a lot of cities in the more southern region to defect
  • Dec 4, 1520

    Royalists take Tordesillas

    Had been fighting since late November. Rebels lost Juana and a was a huge morale downer. Many royalist troops had to be left due to lack of money.
  • Feb 21, 1521

    Rebels take Torrelobatón

    Padilla was able to take the city and regain morale for the rebels
  • Apr 18, 1521

    Diet of Worms

    Charles condemns Luther as a heretic, although Luther's ideas were rapidly spreading in Germany.
  • Apr 23, 1521

    Battle of Villalar

    Rebels suffered from a lack of good generalship. With heavy rains the and being out Calvary and a late retreat the Royalists were able to push their advantage and capture the three main leaders of the rebellion. Juan de Padilla, Juan Bravo, and Francisco Maldonado who would later be executed.
  • May 10, 1521

    Francis I invades Spain

    Suprise motha fucka. While Charles V is out of the country and invades Pamplona
  • Period: May 10, 1521 to Jan 14, 1526

    Italian War of 1521-1526

    Spain kicks French ass again lmao
  • May 25, 1521

    Edict of Worms condemns Luther

  • Jun 30, 1521

    Battle of Noain-Esquiroz

    Spanish forces repel the French-Navarrese attempt to retake Navarre
  • Jul 18, 1521

    Battle of Almenara

    Royalist victory against the guild.
  • Jul 25, 1521

    Battle of Gandia

    Victory for the Germanias led by Vicent Peris
  • Aug 15, 1521

    Siege of Mézières

    Imperial make initial gains in counter attacking France, but they lose the siege of Mézières. Exact date unknown. August-September
  • Sep 30, 1521

    Battle of Oriola

    The agermanados (members of the Germanias) were starting to have a lot of internal dispute amongst radical and moderates. Royalist forces took over Southern Valencia
  • Nov 1, 1521

    Spanish Counter Attack on France (Siege of Tournai)

    After France had tried to take over Navarre, Spain-Papal States- HRE (Imperial forces) Counter attack Spain in the east. Will capture Fort Tournai
  • Nov 28, 1521

    Triple Alliance Formed

    Henry VIII, The Pope (Leo X), and Charles V/I form an alliance against France
  • Dec 1, 1521

    Pope Leo X dies

  • Jan 9, 1522

    Adrian of Utrecht elected Pope

    Elected Pope as a compromise candidate, but dies less than two years as pope and doesn't do much.
  • Feb 18, 1522

    Vicent Peris returns to Valencia

    tries to come in and get his people again to support him against the royalists
  • Mar 3, 1522

    Peris is killed

    Royalist find him and kill him in Valencia, along with many of his supporters.
  • Apr 27, 1522

    Battle of Bicocca

    Extremely Decisive Spanish victory against France, force France out of Italy and focus attention on Genoa
  • May 19, 1522

    The Hidden one killed

    he had a bounty on his head, no one could over take his role
  • Period: Jul 1, 1522 to Jul 1, 1529

    Charles in Spain

  • Dec 9, 1522

    Siege of Alzira

    Viceroy Diego Hurtado de Mendoza finally enters the city after almost a year of besieging. Marked the end of the Revolt in Valencia, and generous terms were given to the last holdout in Xativa
  • Nov 19, 1523

    Clement VII elected Pope

  • Feb 24, 1525

    The Battle of Pavia

    puts an end to the 1521-1526 Italian war. Decisive Spanish Victory, Francis I is captured
  • Jan 14, 1526

    Treaty of Madrid

    Official ended Italian wars of 1521-1526. Francis I agrees to - Renounce claims in Italy, Flanders Artois, send two sons to court to be hostages, marry Charles Sister Eleanor and give back Bourbon the land France had took
  • Mar 17, 1526

    Francis I released

  • Mar 26, 1526

    Treaty of Madrid renegged

    With the pope Clement VII backing him, Francis I says he wont be bound by the treaty. Pope starts to create a French-Papal-Anglo anti Habsburg alliance
  • Period: Apr 1, 1533 to Apr 1, 1535

    Charles in Spain

  • Period: Dec 1, 1536 to May 1, 1539

    Charles in Spain

    until "spring"
  • Period: Nov 1, 1541 to May 1, 1543

    Charles in Spain