Unit 2 Mueggenborg

  • Period: 224 to Apr 11, 651

    Sasanid Empire

    last pre-islamic persian empire. It was the second strongest empire, Roman being the first.
  • Period: 250 to

    Maya Civilization

    Many similar characteristics with the mesoamerica civilizations. Had writing, calender, and intellectual inventions.
  • Period: 330 to Apr 11, 1453

    Byzantine empire

    the byzantine empire used to be the western side of the roman empire. when the roman empire ell it was able to survive.
  • Period: Apr 11, 661 to Apr 11, 750

    Umayyad Caliphate

    Was the second of the 4 arab caliphates. It was very large and started after the death of Muhammad.
  • May 2, 711

    Muslims conquer Spain

    Muslim conquered south and central spain. never got to the north. Was ruled by the Visigoths
  • Period: Apr 11, 750 to Apr 11, 1258

    Abbasid Caliphate

    3rd arab caliphate. stayed strong for 2 centuries but declined after the creation of the mamluks.
  • Period: Apr 11, 1071 to Apr 11, 1325

    Seljuk Turks

    They were turco-persian muslim (sunni) that ruled the middle east and central asia for 3 centuries.
  • Period: May 2, 1095 to May 2, 1204


    Series of wars that involved christian soldiers who sought the death of all muslim people. All done in the name of religion.
  • Period: Apr 11, 1174 to Apr 11, 1193


    A muslim named saladin became the ayyubid sultan of egypt and syria.he controlled Egypt,Syria,Yemen, And mesopotamia,
  • Period: May 2, 1200 to May 2, 1573

    Inca Civilization

    Established in what is known today as Peru. There military was made of forced civilians.
  • Period: Apr 11, 1206 to Apr 11, 1324

    Mongol Invasions

    Invasions that took over asia and eastern europe.These invasions resulted in the vast mongol empire.
  • Period: Apr 11, 1206 to Apr 11, 1227

    Genghis Khan

    Founder of the mongol empire. the empire lasted the longest after his reign.
  • Period: Apr 25, 1206 to Apr 25, 1527

    Delhi sultanate

    Was the primary muslim sultanate of nothern india. defeated by the mughal dynasty.
  • May 2, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Document that required king john of england to allow certain liberties to certain people. first attempt to limit a kings power.
  • Period: May 2, 1230 to

    Mali Kingdom

    Founded by Sundiata Keita.Known for its wealth and Mansa Musa l. Spread languages, culture, and Ideas along the Niger river.
  • Period: Apr 11, 1250 to Apr 11, 1517


    a mamluk is a slave soldier. eventually these mumluks created a army and created the mamluk sultanate .
  • Period: Apr 25, 1261 to Apr 25, 1453


    City that was conquered in 1453 by the turks. Big part of the byzantine empire.
  • Period: May 2, 1300 to


    Known as "rebirth". It involved new ideas in the fields of art and intellectuality.
  • Period: May 2, 1300 to

    Aztec Civilization

    Established in what is known today as central Mexico. they were polytheistic. last real mesoamerican civilization before european conquerers arrived.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1312 to Apr 8, 1337

    Mansa Musa

    Emperor of the Malian Empire. He was very wealthy.
  • Period: May 2, 1337 to May 2, 1453

    Hundred Years war

    War between the house of plantagenet and the house of valois. House of Valois won and reclaimed france. war was weather france would be able to have its own king
  • Period: Apr 8, 1368 to

    MIng Empire

    Last dynasty ruled by the hans (ethnecity).The capital was beijing. Had a strong military.
  • Period: Apr 11, 1370 to Apr 11, 1405


    Conqueror who created he timurid dynasty. He controlled central asia.
  • Period: Apr 8, 1405 to Apr 8, 1433

    Zheng He

    Was a explorer that expolred southeast asia,east africa, middle east, and south asia. Known as the "Voyages of Zheng He".
  • May 2, 1436

    Gutenberg Press

    A revolutonary invention that allowed a movable type. Helped people get involved in the civilization.
  • Period: Apr 25, 1440 to Apr 25, 1505

    Ivan III

    Known as " the grand prince of russia." during his reign, he expanded his territory greatly. up to 3 times as much.
  • Establishment of the holy roman empire

    Established in 962. First king was known as Otto 1 and was the king of Germany.
  • Period: to Apr 8, 1450

    Unit 2

  • Period: to

    Sui Empire

    United the southern and northern empires in china during the 6th century.Was followed by the Tang empire.
  • Period: to

    Tang Empire

    The Tang Empire fallowed the sui empire. It was founded by the Li family. During it reign, it was disturbed by the 2nd zhou dynasty.
  • Period: to Apr 8, 1279

    song empire

    first goverments to use papar money and navy. also dicovered gunpowder.
  • Period: to May 2, 1235

    Songhai Kingdom

    During its reign, it controlled the trans-saharan trade system.
  • Period: to Apr 25, 1250

    Kievan Russia

    Was the medieval years of russia. very important time period marked by earlt "polity".
  • Period: to


    founder of the first empire after the fall of rome. known as king of the franks.