• Mar 30, 1200

    Manco Capac

    Manco Capac is the first ruler.
  • Apr 8, 1200

    City of Cuzco is formed.

    The capital city of Cuzco was the heart of the empire. It was about 11,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains.
  • Apr 8, 1400


    Incas conquer other tribes. Expand Empire to 2500 miles long and about 500 miles wide
  • Mar 21, 1450


    1450 Organization and expansion Tupac Yupanqui begins the conquest of the Andean.
  • Apr 8, 1525

    Civil War

    an Inca ruler died without first choosing an heir. This created an enormous problem. Two of his sons both wanted to be the next Sapa Inca. They were both qualified. One brother crowned himself Inca. But the other brother did not accept his rule.
  • Apr 8, 1531

    Pizarro brings Spanish to the Inca Empire

    Francisco Pizarro brings Spanish to the Inca Empire. He kills Emperor Atahualpa - the Inca ruler.
  • ruins

    The Killke people took the region around Cuzco, Peru, from 900 to 1200 A.D., before the arrival of the Incas. In 2008 Archaeologists found the ruins of an ancient temple, roadway, and irrigation systems at Sacsayhuaman, a famed fortress overlooking Cuzco.