This Is My Life


    Dec. 3,1994 in Fort Stewart,Ga
    born 9lbs 7ozs at 9:07am
  • AGE 3

    First pair of glasses
    The first thing I said to my mom was, "so that's what you looked like, mommy."
  • AGE 4

    Moved to Los Angeles, California with mom
  • AGE 5

    Started soccer career
  • AGE 6

    Met both of my new stepparents this month and year
  • AGE 8

    Baby sister born to my dad and stepmom
  • AGE 9

    Started flying by myself from California to North Carolina
  • AGE 15

    I celebrated my Quincera with family and friends.
  • AGE 15

    My baby brother was born to my mom and stepdad
  • AGE 16

    I moved in with my dad
  • AGE 18

    After high school I plan to move up to New York for college . I want to attend St. John's University for three years to obtain my business degree. After St. John's I'll apply to FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, for a fashion merchandising degree.
  • AGE 26

    Travel the world for a year before settleing down and working.
  • AGE 27

    First job as assistant to Rachel Zoe or stylist in NY
  • AGE 28

    Get married...
  • AGE 29

    Have a stable job as a stylist to have my first kid or set of twins.
  • AGE 44

    Celebrate my little girl's Quincera
  • AGE 47

    Kids graduate from high school
  • AGE 54

    One of my kids will get married...hopefully.
  • AGE 57

    I'll have grandchildren and always remeber to spoil them, go to everyone of their games, and be there when they need me like my grandparents were.
  • AGE 60

    Write a book about all of the things I've concured as a kid to an adult.
  • AGE 70

    Retire form my job.
  • AGE 71

    Volunteer at local churches and soup kitchens while I continue to travel the world.
  • AGE 72

    If I get bored publish a book full of poetry or short stories.
  • AGE 75

    Die a saint...