The Story of My Life

By matell1
  • Period: to

    My lifespan

    I lived a long 90 years with my family and friends,
  • Become a pilot for the United States Air Force

    As a child, I always wanted to become a pilot for the Air Force. I still would if it were my last option.
  • Get straight A's in fourth grade

    I wanted to achieve the goal of earning straight A's in fourth grade. I really wanted to be noticed for my hard work in school
  • Make the Volleyball team

    I really like the sport of volleyball and I joined the Culver boys Volleyball team at the age of 12 after I did not make the basketball team.
  • Graduate grade school

    I wanted to graduate grade school and become a freshman at Niles West High School.
  • Become a technology / algebra teacher

    I decided that I want to either be a technology or algebra teacher for high school students. I've always enjoyed technology and algebra because they are my favorite subjects. Why not get paid for doing something you love?
  • Make the high school volleyball team

    I plan to make the boys volleyball team at Niles West high School and to continue my love for the sport.
  • Take Driver's Ed.

    I plan to take Driver's Ed. at Niles West and learn to drive a car. I then plan to earn my driver's liscence.
  • Graduate high school

    I want to graduate from Niles West high school and earn my G.E.D. so I can then go to college.
  • Get into a good college

    I want to get into a good college so I can study to be an algebra / technology teacher. I am aiming at Ohio State.
  • Get through my first year of college

    I plan to take my general education classes and pass them in my first year of college. I will then study to be a teacher.
  • Earn my degree in science / computer engineering or my master's degree

    I want to earn my degree to become a teacher.
  • I want to leave college with a good job at a school that I can spend a long time teaching at.

    I want to teach at a school that I can see myself teaching a long time at.
  • Earn a raise

    I want to earn a raise at my job so I can feel my work is appreciated and also so I can start a family later on.
  • Get married

    I want to get married. Simple.
  • Get a better house / apartment

    I want to move into a better house / apartment so I can start a family with my wife.
  • Have kids

    I want to have kids with my wife and start a family.
  • Raise my children

    I want to raise my children and be with them for whatever obstacles come their ways.
  • Put my kids through college

    I want to put my children through college so they can be more successful than I was.
  • Help my kids move out

    I want to help my kids move out so they can move on with their lives and become successful.
  • Retire

    I want to retire and travel the world with my wife.
  • Move out of my house

    I want to move out of my house or give it to one of my children. I would also like to travel somewhere with my wife.
  • Move to a nicer state

    I want to move to a nicer state so my grandchildren can visit us during the summer or for Christmas
  • Write my will

    I want to write my will and leave my valuables to all of my loved ones. I will be there for my grandchildren because my grandparents were never there for me.