The Rise and Fall of Ghana

By araab14
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    The Start Of Ghana

    The Start Of Ghana
    The Soninke banded together to form the beginning of Ghana.
    The people of Ghana wouldn't have a town if the Soninkes didn't band together.
  • Period: 300 to Dec 31, 1200

    Rise and Fall of Ghana

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Rich and Powerful Ghana

    Rich and Powerful Ghana
    In the mid-1,000's Ghana was rich and powerful.
    This empire reached its high point under the rule of Tunka Manin.
    This is significant because the point when a empire is at its highest means that everyone in the empire is rich.
    The impact on the people is that they are rich and they can trust their protection of their home.
  • Jan 1, 1060

    Invasion of Ghana

    Invasion of Ghana
    In the 1060s, Ghana got invaded by the Almoravids, that were a group of North African Muslims.
    This is significant because this was the first step to the empire collapsing. Plus, the Allmoravids won.
    This impacted the people because the people had to fight and protect their empire. Also, after the war, the Almorsvids weakened the empire by cutting off trade routes and formed new trading partners with muslim leaders. Trade was a big part of how Ghana got its money.
  • Dec 31, 1200

    Final Fall of Ghana

    Final Fall of Ghana
    The final fall of Ghana was that one of the countries Ghana had conquered rose up in rebellion.
    This is significant because this means that the empire is losing its trust in its countries. Also, if they conquered Ghana (which they do) it most likely won't turnn out good.
    Thhis impacted the people because when the country rebelled and conquered, they could not keep order and were weak. Ghana got attacked and defeated by one of its neighbors. The people would have a new leader.
  • Ghana Controls Trade Routes

    Ghana Controls Trade Routes
    In 800 CE, Ghana was in control of West Africa's trade routes.
    This is significant because that would mean that Ghana is in control.
    This is important to the people because now the people have all sorts of goods from all over the world to benefit their daily lives.