The Life Span

  • Born

    I was born on this in Germany
  • Period: to

    Life span

  • President

    I wanted to be the Presdident of the United States becuase i always love to be in charge
  • Actress

    I wanted to be an actess when i was younger becuase i wanted have lots of fans and be famous
  • Freshman

    Freshman year I really wanted to be on a sports team becuase i wanted to get in shape and stay healthly
  • Sphomore

    Sphomore year I really wanted to take an honors class to increase my overall GPA.
  • Move to Lincolnwood

    Move to Lincolnwood
    This was a goal in my life becuase i always wanted to live in a little town like lincolnwood
  • Junior

    My goal for junior yrear is to pass the ACT tests becuase i wnat to get into college
  • Senior

    I want to get accepted to at least two univerties because i always like to have a backup plan incase the first plan fails
  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas
    I want to go to Laz Vegas and try to win a lot of money before i get a job becuase i might not need one
  • Travel Europe

    Travel Europe
    I want to travel Europe and see all the amazing sights before i settle down and get married
  • Major Change

    Major Change
    Make a magor change in the world like start a charity or something becuase i wan to something good for other people
  • Lawyer

    Start law school becuase i wan to become a lawyer
  • Married

    I want to get married and settled down
  • Lawyer Job

    Lawyer Job
    I want to get a job in big law frim and maybe become a lawyer on tv becuase i would love to be a lawyer
  • Two Little boys

    Two Little boys
    I want to little boys becuase they are less work and complain less
  • House

    I want to buy a house in a nice neighborhood becuase of the school for the little boys
  • Cook lessons

    Cook lessons
    I want to learn how to cook becuase i want my kids & husband to enjoy my cooking
  • Fitness

    A goal when i am old is to be fit because i want to stay healthy
  • Parent

    I want to be an active parent for my kids becuase i think if i am invovled in their school then they will be tooo
  • Money

    At this age i want o have money saved on for the kids to go to college
  • Vacations

    I want to take a lot of family vacations and take my kids to a lot of places to see sites
  • Life without the kids

    Life without the kids
    I am looking forward to having life without the kids in the house i can relax
  • Move

    I am going to move to the country becuase i want it to be calm
  • Health

    I want to be healthly in the age becuase i wan to spend time with my grandchildren and take them out
  • Enjoy

    I want to enjoy life and not have to go to work and spend time with the family