The French, Industrial, and American Revolution

  • Paper money is prohibited in England

    Paper money was no longer allowed in the New England colonies. There were bills of credit to pay for the French and Indian Wars. Economical
  • Stamp Act

    There is a direct tax on the colonies. Printed material had to be put on stamp paper. There is not a need for the amount of taxs being collected. Economical
  • Non-Importation Agreenement

    Political. This is when no produts or items were allowed to be shipped to the thirteen colonies from Britian.
  • Declaration of Independance

    Declaration of Independance signed. The 13 colonies were established and separated from Britian. Political
  • Meeting of the Estates General

    Economic. The Estates General meets which is all three of the estates to talk about financial situations as well as representation.
  • National Assembly

    The National Assembly is the third estate looking for more representation. Social
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Political. Because the estates were locked out of their meeting place, they resorted to a tennis court to have their meeting to talk about representation and financial problems in which they decided to stick together.
  • The Great Fear

    The rule of Robespierre in which there was a large amount of killing for small reasons. People lived in constant fear of their lives. Social
  • Feudalism Abolished

    Social. This is stopping the Great Fear and there is not such a scare amoung the people in fear of death.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    Social. Men were given their basic freedoms or "natural rights."
  • March on Versallies

    Social. Women marched to the king in demand of supplies because of the rise in bread cost and because the queen spent a lage amount of money on herself rather than the people.
  • Olympe de Gouge

    Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Female citizen were annouced and shown to the world. This is the first look at the importance of women and their role in society. Social
  • France goes to war with Austria

    Military. War has begun and declared between France and Austria.
  • The Republic of Virtue

    Political. France is declared a republic.
  • Excecution of Robespierre

    Political. Robespierre was excecuted because of the useless amount of lives he took throughout the French Revolution.
  • The Electric Light

    Cultural. This is the invention of the electric light in which changes the way people lived during the Industrial Revolution.
  • Napoleon invades Russia

    Militray. Napoleon moves in for an attack on Russia with his men.
  • The Great Reform Act

    There were more rights given to the Middle class as far as voting. Women could not vote and only one in seven men could vote. Political
  • Emancipation Prolclamation

    Cultural. This proclamation was nnounced by Abraham Lincoln. This is the freedom of slaves in the ten states of the rebellion.
  • Secret Ballot Act

    Political. People were now capable to vote without any one else seeing their choices.