The English Monarchy

  • Feb 8, 1534

    Act of Supremacy

    King was named as head of church
  • Period: Aug 8, 1534 to

    English Monarchy

  • Feb 8, 1558

    Mary dies, Elisabeth takes throne

  • Earl of Essex rebelled against Elisabeth

  • Elisabeth dies and James takes throne

  • James died, Charles 1 takes over

  • Requested money from parliament

  • dissmissed parliament for full rule because they denied money request

  • religious rebelions drove charles to debt

  • English civil war began

  • Cromwell won a huge battle

  • The king surrendered

  • Charles was publically beheaded

  • Cromwell was titled Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland

  • Cromwell dies and son takes place

  • charles's son becomes king because cromwell's son fails

  • Plague returns

  • passage of the Habeas Corpus Act

  • Charles 2 dies and james 2 takes over

  • James2's daughter + husband are invited to throne in James's place

  • Bill of Rights