The Big Move

  • The Big Move Begins--S.

    The Big Move Begins--S.
    Save enough money to move to Mississippi in June of 2013
  • Period: to

    The Big Move

  • Saving money--A.

    Saving money--A.
    I will save 100 dollars each week from my paycheck and put it into an savings account.
  • The trade offs--R.

    The trade offs--R.
    Saving my money is more important to me than buying a movies and stuff for our family night.
  • The Amount I Need--M.

    The Amount I Need--M.
    By the time I'm ready to move I will have at least 1,000 dollars.
  • Mission Accomplished--T.

    Mission Accomplished--T.
    I have met my goal and have $1,000 or more and I'm ready to make the big move with my husband and daughter.