Spain Timeline

  • Mar 9, 1551

    Appointment to king

    Emperor Charles V appointed his son Philip as heir to the throne. Don Philip was recognized as the sole heir of Charles V
  • Jul 24, 1554


    Queen Mary of England married Philip II, king of spain.
  • Oct 21, 1555

    parliament refuses

    The english parliament refuses to recognize philip of spain as king
  • Mar 28, 1556

    New King

    Philip II, Charles V's son was crowned king of spain.
  • Sep 12, 1556

    Charles V resigned

    Charles V resigned and ended his days in a spanish monastary. He bequethed spain to his son Philip II, and the holy roman empire to his brother Ferdinan I. A few years of peace followed.
  • Sep 13, 1556


    Charles V and Maria of Hungary marched into spain.
  • Sep 21, 1558

    Death of a king

    Charles V , king of spain former holy roman emperor died from suffarage of gout.
  • Apr 3, 1559

    Let there be peace

    Philip II of spain and Henry II of france signed the treaty of Cateau-Cambresis ending a long series of wars.
  • Sep 19, 1559

    sinking ships

    5 spanish ships sank in a storm off Tampa about 600 died.
  • Jan 31, 1560


    Spanish king Philip II married Elizabeth de Valois