Sophia's Timeline

  • Summer School

    I am going to finish summer school with all the credits I got becasue I am taking two classes
  • Graduation

    I am going to graduate with a good diploma and go to a good University
  • College University

    I would like to go to ISU (Illinois State University) to be close to my parents, and a lot of my family members went to that University too.
  • The "Perfect Job"

    I would like a job that I would wake up in the morning saying "yay! I get to go to work!" and have the best day everyday
  • My "Perfect Job" is to be a Doctor

    I would like to be a doctor it always fascinated me how medicine can fix someone's body by just eating, or drinking something.
  • Marrage

    I would like to get married when I finished all my school work, and get my diplomas, and find the right guy to be with the rest of my life.