Small Engine Mechanic

By 3049CT
  • Day out of highschool

    I hope that i have a 3.0 GPA or higher. That would be really fantastic.
  • Graduation future

    I would hope that i get a good job through out high school and keep it after wards too. I hope that i will keep my grades up.
  • Working

    I hope i will be earning atleast 300 dolllars per 2 weeks. It would be great if i earned more.
  • First day of techSchool

    I hope i would go to a great tech school. if possible i would go to Mitchel Tech. I would like it to cost under 20 grand for 2 or 3 years.
  • Room and board

    I would room at my house if it was a close by tech school. That will cut down on costs alot.
  • Internships

    At this point i will need to get an internship at a local shop. I hope that it is local because of costs of gas.
  • 1st day of work

    I hope that i get a job as a mechanic somewhere close. I hope i am getting atleast 13 dollars an hour and get lots of hours.