Saving money for college (Sandy Moore)

  • Measurable

    Im going to start out saving $50 after every check I get from my job
  • Attainable

    I'm going to achieve this by working once a week every week intill I gradute high school
  • Get a newer job

    Get a newer job
    In the Spring of 2017, I will apply for a job for the year that pays at least $100 per month. This is a realistic accomplishment because my previous employer would welcome me back with the same wage which was about equivalent to $100 a month.
  • Specific

    I'm going to save up my money from my $100.00 paycheck to save up for college after high school
  • Realistic

    After high school I will be able to use my money to help me with college and other expenses from my paycheck for the first semester of room and bord
  • Time Bound

    Time Bound
    This will all be done in 2 years to help me cover the first semester of room and bord