Sabdiel Timeline

  • It's a Beast!

    It's a Beast!
    I was born in the city of Chicago in 1999.
  • What's up 8th grade

    What's up 8th grade
    When I'm in 8th grade I want to be in advanced info tech because I want to learn more about technology.
  • Adios 8th grade

    Adios 8th grade
    By the end of 8th grade, I want to have been in basketball, soccer club, and advanced info tech.
  • My high school

    My high school
    I am going to go to Shepard High school for my high school years because that is the school that I get to go to.
  • High School Classes

    High School Classes
    In high school I want to be in trigonometry because I've never studied that in math.
  • Other High School Classes

    Other High School Classes
    I also want to be in geometry when I'm in high school because I have always liked math.
  • Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurricular Activities
    I want to be in lots of extracurricular activities during my high school years such as sports and other clubs.
  • High School Sports

    High School Sports
    I want to be in soccer, basketball, and track. Mostly though, I want to be in soccer because it's what I've been playing since I was two years old.
  • My G.P.A

    My G.P.A
    I want to get a 4.0 G.P.A by the end of my freshmen year.
  • My Future Obstacles

    My Future Obstacles
    Things like my grades and ability to do some things could affect my future success to be a surgeon.
  • Future Plans

    Future Plans
    I want to attend Layola University and study to be a surgeon. I would nead a doctorate dgree and 3 to 8 years of internship. A surgeon earns an average 80 dollars an hour.
  • Colledge Graduation

    Colledge Graduation
    When I graduate, I want my paents to be there. I think I'll feel nervous just because I'll have to walk infront of all those people.
  • My Future Traveling

    My Future Traveling
    When I am older I want to travel to europe and visit places like Spain and France because I've always wanted to go to places in another continent.
  • My Hobbies

    My Hobbies
    For my free time I will play soccer. I would play for a travel team because I like playing on diferant fields.
  • Vacations

    I want to take a vacation to hawaii when I grow up. I'd like to stay in the best hotel I can afford. I want to go to Hawaii because if I do accomplish to become a surgeon, I want to relax after studying for so long.
  • My Car

    My Car
    If I get the career I want, I would save up my money to buy myself a ferrari or another car of that kind. I would get a Ferarri because I've always liked those cars.
  • My House

    My House
    I want to get a decent good looking house that is not in the city. I don't want it in the city because there would be too much noise.
  • How Old I Want To Be

    How Old I Want To Be
    I want to live at least up to be 98 years. If I live more than that, it's fine, but I want to be at least 98.