world history final

  • Period: 250 to 900


    in southern mexico and large parts of central america the maya had many unique ways of agriculture for example they built terraces on mountainous highlands to have room to grow there crops because of the forest making it difficult to do so
  • Period: 300 to 1100


    in the 7th century in west africa the trans saharan trade from ghana continued to expand due to the spread of islam
  • Period: 300 to 543

    gupta empire

    in asia the gupta empire made their own religion hinduism and they made decimals in math
  • Period: 500 to 1453

    byzantine empire

    in europe in the byzantine empire there was a riot while justinian l was ruling and 30000 were killed
    and he was ruling from 527 to 565
  • Period: 618 to

    imperial china

    in asia during the tang dynasty lasted from 618 to 1279 and china had a lot of prosperity they had tons of food and trades flourished
  • Period: 750 to 1258

    muslim empire

    in asia the muslim empire the abbasid caliphate was the second major islamic dynasty and the longest in power
  • Period: 794 to 1185

    japan empire

    in asia the heian period lasted from 794 to 1185 and the emperor moved the capital heian kyo which marked the golden age and they adopted new types of literature
  • Period: 800 to

    holy roman empire

    in europe the holy roman empire suffered economic and social issues to afford its army and they made the citizens pay high taxes and it destroyed the economy and many citizens were in poverty
  • Period: 1200 to 1533


    the south america inca had runners called chasquis and to relay messages over 2500 miles from one part of it to the other
  • Period: 1235 to


    in western africa mali sundiata keita kills sumanguru the king of sosso and made independence for malinke
  • Period: 1300 to 1521


    in south america unlike other empires the aztec never made colonies or forced conformity the aztecs were a union of a hundred city states
  • Period: 1464 to


    in western africa songhai sunni ali of the songhai empire conquers most of the mali empire