Question 7

  • Start of Preliminary Research

    Start of Preliminary Research
    I began researching for my school magazines by looking at them online. I looked at the font, style and colours. I explained how I could use these techniques.
  • Preliminary Final Task

    Preliminary Final Task
    This is my final school magazine cover. I used a title with matching colours to the sides. I had my picture focused in the middle. I even included a free poster in the corner.
  • Preliminary Task Evaluation

    Preliminary Task Evaluation
    I used Prezi to create a diagram to disply my evaluation for my final Magazine product. I talked about my fonts, images and colours I used in the magazine.
  • Start of Research

    I started to research existing music magazines, comparing them to my past task in order to get an Idea of what I wanted to produce for this topic.
  • Music Magazine Timeline

    Music Magazine Timeline
    I created A timeline of music magazines and when they started. I included different genres too.
  • Institutional Video

    I made a video on the research I found on distributers who sell magazines such as Kerrang and MOJO.
  • Institutional Research

    Institutional Research
    I created a table with facts about the media group to help me refer to this later when decided for prices on my magazine.
  • Magazines in a Shop

    Magazines in a Shop
    I went to the shops, to see how the magazines were dispayed. I wrote about the placement and wrote my interview with the store manager.
  • Annotation of Music Magazines

    Annotation of Music Magazines
    I annotated on music magazines and their double pages and commented what they talk about and how they present it.
  • Dragons Den

    Dragons Den
    I made a video talking about my features in my magazine and what it will contain. I talked in depth on what I would have in it.
  • Rate Card

    Rate Card
    I made a Rate card for the kinds of people who will read my magazine.
  • Thinking of a concept

    Thinking of a concept
    I created a mind map of things I might use for my magazine and what it will be about.
  • My Flat Plan

    My Flat Plan
    I created a Plan so I knew what would be on all my pages in the magazine.
  • First draft

    First draft
    I created a first draft of my contents within my double page.
  • Second Draft

    Second Draft
    This was my second draft for the double page spread. Including my interview and other topics.
  • First Front Cover Attempt

    First Front Cover Attempt
    This was my first attempt at my front cover.
  • Double Page Firsr Draft

    This was my first attmept at creating my final double page spread.
  • Final Music Magazine Product

    Final Music Magazine Product
    I finished my music magazine and improved some spects from my last try with it. I changed things to make it seem more professonail for my readers. I think the final result looked good.