• planning to get good grades

    I plan on getting an A in math this semester because lately I have been getting bad grades. “Goals should be seen more as the critical steps we take on the path to our dreams”(health2.3) I plan on doing practice problems every night so I can get better at math. This will help me get better because usually I would learning everything in the week of the test which is not good.
  • Getting help from others

    “Think through a simple list of life priorities, which might include things like family, friends, faith, health, education, profession, wealth and social impact.” My parents would be willing to get me a tutor who can help with me with my math studying and homeworks.
  • Achieved

    In the book it states “The first part of happiness is defined by high emotions such as love, gratitude and joy" (Health2.3) I believe that i will be very happy when i get an A in math because I worked so hard to achieve this goal.