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Plan for Evaluation

  • Social Network Questionnaires!

    Social Network Questionnaires!
    Today I will ask the same questions I asked my audience of 20 people in Com1. I will private message a group of people the questions with a link to my trailer. I will then ask them to fill it in and email me back the answers.
  • Period: to

    Plan for the next few days - Evaluation

  • Spider Diagram

    Spider Diagram
    I will produce a mind map which will tie all the comments from every Questionnaire together. This will help me then decide on the issues with my trailer. I'll be able to see if there are any patterns with comments made.
  • Film Reactions

    Film Reactions
    I will film the reactions of my family members watching my trailer. I will also interview people about my poster and magazine cover aswell as the trailer. I will upload the interviews and draw conclusions from this audience feedback.
  • Final conclusions

    Final conclusions
    I will pull all Audience feedback together and will see if there any improvements to my tariler that can be made easily.