Persian Empire

  • Period: 404 to 465

    The Empire Remained the Most Powerful in the World under Artaxerxes I Makrocheir and then Darius II Nothus

  • Period: 465 to

    Xerxes' expansion was stopped

    Xerxes lost Gandara and Taxila. He lost a major war against the Greeks. Macedonia, Thrace, and a number of Greek towns became independent.
  • 521

    Achaemenid Prince, Darius, a distant relative of Cambyses, killed Gaumata and ended the civil war

  • 522

    Civil war broke out when Gaumata, Cambyses' courtier revolted. Cambyses returned home safely but then died in Syria.

  • 525

    Cambyses conquered Egypt

  • 530

    Cyrus died on a campaign against the Massagetae

  • 547

    Cyrus annexed Lydia and Bactria, and campaigned in India and Sogdia

  • 550

    Cyrus the Great defeated his overlord, Astyages of Media

  • Cyrus the Great founds the Persian Empire by becoming king of Persis

  • Cyrus captured the city of Babylon

  • Period: to 520

    Darius Re-organised the empire

    Founded Persepolis, Built a palace in Susa, and expanded the empire to include Macedonia, Pakistan, The River Syrdar'ya, The Caucasus Mountains, The Libyian Desert, and the Persian Gulf