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Period 3 Review Timeline

By mcsauls
  • 500

    Ghana Kingdom

    West Africa
    Persia: P
    The kingdom of Ghana was located in present day Ghana in western Africa. It was founded in 500.
  • 534

    Nubia converted to Christianity

    West Africa
    Persia: R
    The Nubia were a group of people in western Africa. They were one of the first peoples in Africa to be converted to Christianity.
  • Period: Jan 1, 600 to Dec 31, 1450

    Period 3 Review Timeline

  • Nov 8, 606

    Harsha's Kingdom comes to power

    South Asia
    Persia: E and P
    Harsha was a ruler who was crowned at the age of 16. He was a very kind ruler and turned out to be very good at his job.
  • Nov 4, 610

    Muhammad has the vision of Allah

    Middle East
    Persia: R
    The Angel Gabriel came to Muhammad in a dream in 610. In this dream he saw Allah and this made him want to spread his word.
  • Nov 8, 618

    Tang Dynasty begins

    East Asia
    Persia: P and E
    The Tang Dynasty was like another golden age fro china. During the dynasty we saw many advancements in things like technology and art.
  • Nov 4, 629

    Muhammad invades Mecca

    Middle East
    Persia:R and P
    Muhammad wanted Mecca to be the pilgrimage city for Islam. So he invaded the city and destroyed all relics of other religion and made Mecca an important Islamic city.
  • Nov 8, 629

    Xuanzang begins his pilgrimmage to India

    South Asia
    Persia: R
    Xuanzang was a monk. He went on a pilgrimage to find the deeper meaning of his religion. After he went back to China.
  • Nov 4, 632

    Muhammad Dies

    Middle East
    Persia: R
    Being the founder of Islam and the last prophet of Muhammad the death of Muhammad is an important event.
  • Nov 8, 641

    Founding of Cairo

    West Africa
    Perisa: E and A
    Cairo is a city in Egypt, it was founded in 641 and would become and trading center for Africa and the middle east
  • Nov 4, 650

    The Quran is finished being written by Abu Bakar

    Middle East
    Persia: R and I
    The Quran was written by Abu Bakar. It is the holy book of Islam. It is believed to be the word of Allah.
  • Nov 4, 700

    Swahili Civilization begins

    East Africa
    Persia: P, E, and A
    The Swahili Civilization was organized into city-states that stretched from modern day Somalia to Mozambique. The language was a mashup of Arabic and Bantu
  • Nov 4, 750

    Fall of the Umayyad Caliphate

    Middle East
    Persia: R and P
    The Umayyad Caliphate was lead by Damascus but declined due to many rebellions and a small # of converts.
  • Nov 8, 750

    Decline of Tang begins

    East Asia
    Persia: A and P
    The Tang empire began to fall in the 750's, mostly because of nomads who attacked relentlessly.
  • Nov 8, 800

    Growth of gold trade in the Sahara

    West Africa
    Persia: E
    The Kingdom of Zimbabwe caused the gold trade to blossom across the Trans Saharan trade routes
  • Nov 4, 900

    Rome’s population drops from 1,000,000 to 10,000

    Persia: A and S
    When the Bubonic Plague was at its strongest it was able to wipe out a large amount of the Roman population.
  • Nov 8, 1054

    The Christian Church Splits

    Persia: R
    The Christian church split into two main groups. The Catholic church was in the east while the orthodox was in the west.
  • Nov 4, 1095

    First Crusade

    Persia: P and R
    The Crusades were holy wars waged by Christians who were trying to take back the Holy Land from other religions, specifically Islam.
  • Nov 8, 1206

    The Delhi Sultanate is founded

    South Asia
    Persia: E and R
    The Delhi Sultanate is important because they were a minority group in Northern India that had control over a majority religious group.
  • Nov 8, 1230

    Mali Empire Founded

    West Africa
    Persia: A and E
    The Mali Empire was founded in 1230, it was located somewhere in modern day West Africa.
  • Nov 4, 1250

    Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe comes to power

    East Africa
    Persia: E and A
    The Great Zimbabwe kingdom came to power because they had lots of gold. They were very good at mining it (for the time period).
  • Nov 4, 1271

    Mongols begin invasion of China

    East Asia
    Persia: P
    The Mongols were "advanced nomads" who were really good at taking land over. They fought viciously in battle and were feared among many.
  • Nov 8, 1300

    Collapse of Delhi Sultanate

    South Asia
    Persia: R and E
    The Delhi Sultanate did eventually collapse just like all empires. It was due to the majority religious group throwing them over.
  • Nov 4, 1331

    The Black Death infects China

    East Asia
    Persia: S
    The Black Death (Bubonic Plauge) was so strong that it stretched to China. China was not as impacted as much as Europe by the disease.
  • Nov 4, 1347

    Black Death begins to infect Europe

    Persia: E and S
    The Black Death was responsible for millions of deaths. It got its start in Europe and then spread across the eastern hemisphere.
  • Nov 4, 1350

    Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe falls

    East Africa
    The kingdom falls because their biggest resource ran out. Once the gold was gone they could pay anyone to do anything so they vanished until more was found
  • Nov 4, 1350

    The Silk Road is gone

    All of Asia and Middle East
    Persia: E, S, and I
    The Bubonic Plauge caused the Silk Road to pretty much vanish. Since people became scared to trade on land and get sick every one traded on the sea.
  • Nov 8, 1350

    Songhai Kingdom

    West Africa
    Persia: A
    The Songhai kingdom was in west Africa and was founded around 1350.
  • Nov 4, 1354

    Ibn Battuta crosses the Sahara

    West Africa
    Persia: R and I
    Ibn Battuta was a Muslim who traveled around the Muslim World. He did not like the way Islam was being practiced by coverts.
  • Nov 4, 1358

    Hanseatic League is founded

    Persia: E
    The Hanseatic League was a group of German trading cities that go together to protect trade interest
  • Nov 4, 1368

    Mongols are forced out of China

    East Asia
    Persia: P and S
    After the Mongols invaded and took over China, they were kicked out. They were not Chinese enough in that, they didn't look and act Chinese.
  • Nov 8, 1500

    Population boom in South Asia

    South Asia
    Persia: S and E
    The population boom in South Asia of 53 million to 105 was majorly due to the large trading centers caused by the Trans Saharan Trade Routes